Sunday, December 30, 2012

Music War

Here is the latest download for the YouTube playlist as played on my Twitch TV channel: Music War Dec. 29th 2012.

Enjoy ;-)

Server setup fun

    Setting up a new server is so much fun ... NOT. But yeah, last few days been working hard to set up the new Fun Paradise II server. All seemed to be working fine and I went through all the configs when I did the first setup. Today however I noticed new updates, so I had to go through everything all over again. I got it working now though after a few hours of work. I have copied files and changed the way I am doing things regarding the server to make any future updates easier and quicker. Still getting used to the way the FTB launcher does things. I have even been considering to start using MultiMC again for the client side installation, but for now I stick to the FTB launcher.
    I have been working on the forum as well the last few days. I changed a few things and made sub-forums for easier navigation. Some topics are now pinned and/or locked. The Fun Paradise II sub-forum is finished as well now and I already gained a few new subscriptions. I really like the forum now and hopefully my community and the players on the new server feel encouraged to post/reply.
    I had trouble starting to stream again since I have been feeling pretty down. A couple of days ago I started streaming again and it has been great fun. Streaming does make me feel a lot better and secure about myself. Should have started way sooner, sigh. Great to see the regular viewers again and welcoming new viewers. I was amazed to see how many returned the very first stream already. Thanks all, love you <3 So now I am back to streaming regularly again and its great to be back :-) I am considering to set up a streaming schedule for both my JTV and Twitch, but not exactly sure what and when yet. I do like to have my Music Request nights on JTV again. Those differ from the Music War I usually have on my Twitch channel since I only do music and video then instead of streaming a game while having requested songs in the background. I also want to be doing some coding/tech streams as well as different games and maybe even live painting or something else on either JTV or Twitch.
    Today I did a lot of work and even though I started reasonably early (noon), time flies way too fast and didn't expect updating the server to take as long. It's too late now even to shop for groceries and have everything ready for New Year's eve. Damnit, I wanted to be done early and now I find myself hurrying even to be in time to start streaming. So I skipped groceries, haven't had dinner yet (6:45pm), wanted to take a hot shower and will have to skip a few other things to be able to stream kind of early anyway. Today the Fun Paradise II server will officially be open to previously whitelisted players and I am not ready yet :-( I just feel so hurried and want to many things to be done or worked on lately, stresssSSS!

Ran out of coffee and tobacco, working my ass off while listening to Queen, but hey ... keeps me going ;-)

Fun Paradise II server updated!

Both the MindCrack pack and the Direwolf20 pack in the FTB launcher have been updated!
Check the forum for Fun Paradise II topics 'Update log' and 'Installation'. After updating, Mystcraft needs to be re-added.

Forum Fun Paradise II

New topics have been added to the forum in Fun Paradise II.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Music War

Here is the latest download for the YouTube playlist as played on my Twitch TV channel: Music War Dec. 28th 2012.

For those new to the music playlists I will post here on my website, the .m3u playlist contains direct YouTube links with Artist - Title and name of the person who requested it. Open in notepad or similar to see content. The playlist will only work if your media player supports opening of direct YouTube links. I am using VLC to do so.

Been great fun, enjoy this playlist ;-)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Fun Paradise II

Last few days I have been working on the new Minecraft server, Fun Paradise II. I decided to make installing easier client side by using the FTB launcher and modpacks available. The server is using the MindCrack pack from the FTB launcher with Mystcraft included separately. All information about the server can be found on my forum (Info, Rules, Installation and Application). For now Yoomanyoo, Olajohnny and I are working to set it all up and build a spawn area. Within the next few days I will officially open the server to those who want to join and were previously whitelisted on the old Fun Paradise server. For others who wish to join, check out the forum as well for applications.

Music War

Here is the latest YouTube playlist as played on my Twitch channel: Music War - Dec. 27th 2012.
For those new to the music playlists I will post here on my website, the .m3u playlist contains direct YouTube links with Artist - Title and name of the person who requested it. Open in notepad or similar to see content. The playlist will only work if your media player supports opening of direct YouTube links. I am using VLC to do so.

Been great fun, enjoy this playlist ;-)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Music War

Here is the download for the Music War playlist: Music War - Dec. 23rd 2012
For those new to the music playlists I will post here on my website, the .m3u playlist contains direct YouTube links with Artist - Title and name of the person who requested it. Open in notepad or similar to see content. The playlist will only work if your media player supports opening of direct YouTube links. I am using VLC to do so.

Note: There was not enough time to play all songs. I ended the broadcast on Twitch TV with 'Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight - The Temptations'. Everything after this song has not been played live, but included anyway.

Been great fun, enjoy this playlist ;-)

Friday, December 21, 2012

RedPower finally released !!!

Woot woot!!! Finally Eloraam released/updated RedPower for Minecraft 1.4.6. This means I can finally start working on the new server. I will be doing this together with Yoomanyoo and I am not sure when the server will be up and running. I do know that I won't be trying to safe our old world, although I might give it a try later. So we will be starting with a fresh new world thats for sure. I will be using FTB mods to make installing a lot easier. Just one problem though ... FTB has not been updated for quite some time now and is still in version 1.4.2. This means I will have to try use the same configs, but install updated mods myself for now until FTB will release an updated version of the test/technic pack. So please give it some time before the server goes public. The new server will be fun for sure though and I am pretty sure the wait was well worth it! Will keep you all up to date on how the server is coming along :-) Happy Holidays !!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Late Night Fun

    Just got out of bed and trying to wake up with some coffee. I will try to write in my diary more often, I know it's good for me to do so, but I won't make any promises since I know myself well enough. When I feel depressed I usually don't feel like writing.
    So yesterday I had a long hot shower and prepared to go shop for groceries. Did most of the dishes, because I wasn't able to fit everything in the dishwasher. Cleaned up the kitchen a bit as well and even took a few bags of trash down to the container. Been so lazy that it started piling up on my balcony. Promised myself to take more bags down than I made new to eventually get rid of them all again. There must be quite a lot of maggots beneath the bottom ones, I don't even want to know, yuk. Cleaned out my mailbox downstairs, which fills up way too fast with all the folders and free papers in this period. Took the important mail back upstairs with me and of course I had yet again an unexpected bill. I really should check on my mail more often, sigh. Another bill for forgetting to pay my last term for my previous energy provider ... €181,= To be paid before Xmas, yay. Glad it's only €40 bucks more than the original bill, but it's still throwing away extra money. Oh well that was the last of them and at least I can manage to pay for it at the moment. Time to go shopping and get those fries and all the other things I have been craving for the last few days. I always end up with too many groceries, two big bags full, hardly able to carry it all upstairs in one go. Dropped the bags in the living room, went down the stairs again to get the beer and potatoes. Yup, couldn't carry it up all at once. Sat down to catch my breath and have a smoke before I put all the groceries away. Woot, I made it and live to survive a few more days ...
    Bored as I am lately, I couldn't quite find a Twitch channel to watch. I was feeling pretty hungry, but odd enough I didn't feel like making myself fries. Instead I made myself some Dutch pea soup from a tin. Sat in front of my computer again and found Eddy Vegas streaming poker on Twitch. Was fun watching and it made me itchy to play some poker myself. At some point I started up PokerStars to play a tourney, but once I got a list of tables up, I closed poker again. Didn't feel like it as I often don't feel like being on PokerStars. I am still having a hard time playing after all that has happened in the past on PokerStars. Been way too involved ...
    I tried calling my dealer to deliver me some nice hash but couldnt reach him. The doorbell rang some time after and I figured it could be him. Went to the door and was up for a somewhat funny surprise. There were two Policemen and my downstairs neighbour standing in the outer hallway. They wanted to know how I was doing because I had not been spotted for months according to my neighbour. Funny, because I spoke to her like two weeks ago, but I guess she forgot. She had found a website with a post from about 10 months ago. The post was about a friend of mine from Canada being worried sick about me. She had contacted the Police because I was planning a suicide back then and many were of course worried. So because of that post on the internet and my neighbour thinking she had not seen me for months, the Police was contacted once again to check on me. We had a talk and I ensured them I was fine. I gave the Police my phone numbers and they left again. My neighbour came back leaving me some info and asked for my phone numbers as well. Promised to mail them and all was fine. Called my dealer and went back to watch the poker stream.
    After Eddy was finished streaming on his poker channel I tried PokerStars again. Signed up for a 9 player 200k SNG (play money) and did pretty well. In the meantime waiting for Eddy to start streaming on his gaming channel. Someone I know joined the chat, waiting as well. We had fun chatting about poker and the tourney I was in. Funny how empty channels on Twitch with no Live stream sometimes turn into a chat room. Oh well, Eddy showed up after all while I was having fun playing poker and getting pretty intoxicated from all the beers that went down like lemonade. Eddy was streaming a trucking game, but asked me to share my screen through Skype to cast my poker instead. I did well, but lost eventually with only 6 players left. Time to quit and go to bed, I was wasted, but had great fun :-)
    Time for my 2nd mug of coffee and already feeling bored. What will tonight bring me? Do some coding on the website? Broadcast later on? Nahhh, I will prolly just do nothing much, lurk on Twitch and hope to feel tired soon again so I can sleep ... just killing time day after day, waiting for nothing to happen at all.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Shopping should be fun right?! Well, being as depressed as I am it's no more than just a reason to get out. I have been delaying it for days now and hey, it's just groceries ... sigh. Been thinking of having fries for days now with some nice green pepper sauce and sate sauce (great combo). Hell, I even dreamed of burgers!!! Since I got nothing left to eat, I guess I will just have to force myself. Why the fuck is it so hard to do anything, arrrggghhh. Shower it is, then groceries and then yummy time. Still need to do the dishes and clean out my kitchen though, pfffttt. I am trying to get back on track. It will do me good :-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Currently working on a few things: 
  • Updated the code for the 'Pictures' page: More pictures will be added soon.
  • Redesigning the 'Broadcasting' page: A menu will be added. Windows will be hidden with a menu to choose from 'Devilin_Pixy (Justin TV)' or 'Manually select ...'. A form will be added to input up to 4 channel names and show them all on one page. Will have to figure out how to add the chat if at all needed. Will add my 'Bio' from the Twitch TV/Justin TV channel to my broadcasting window. A list of following channels will be added to the menu as well, showing all channels I follow, their online status, a direct link and some extra info.
  • Main page: Might need redesign. My Twitch TV and Justin TV channel status both show in the header now. When online, a preview picture will show. This code will most likely be changed to make it only show when actually online and not showing anything when offline. Both pictures link to the 'Broadcasting' page for now. The Twitch TV part to show if I am online/offline will be removed soon.
I haven't been streaming at all lately for several reasons. Be patient though, because I miss you all and I will be streaming some time soon again. For now I am busy on a few coding projects and waiting on RedPower to be released. My channel design on Twitch TV will be removed as a protest, just a direct link to my website will remain. My channel design on Justin TV will stay, but might be changed.
Important note: I won't be streaming on Twitch TV anymore! Twitch TV keeps disappointing me and I decided to move back to Justin TV for ALL my broadcasts (including games). To let you all get used to the move back, I will be streaming to Twitch TV for 5 mins. first before I switch to Justin TV. That way you will get your notification email.

Sorry for the long wait, but there won't be a new server until RedPower is released. Once RedPower is released I will try and port over the old world to a new completely updated world. Chances are slim this will work well though, so odds are we will have to start a completely new world. The new world will be using the FTB modpack to make joining and installing all the mods a whole frikkin lot easier. However, I might be using a custom choice of mods from the FTB pack. Will let you know once the server is ready of course.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Music Battle ...

Last night when I was streaming we had some great fun Fomanchoo and Quetzi both raided my channel after they were done streaming themselves. I have never had that many viewers before and I sure want to thank both of them for raiding me. Once they found out they could post any YouTube link in chat to be added to my playlist, all viewers started some Music Battle. OMG, it was hilareous. I put up the full playlist as an .m3u file for those who want to listen to it again. The .m3u playlist contains all the direct links to YouTube and VLC does play them without any problems. Not sure if other media players are able to play direct YouTube links, but try it if you like. Here is the download: Quetzi Music Battle Also make sure to check out both Fomanchoo and Quetzi on Twitch TV, they are great guys and fun streamers. Muahhh ... love you !!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

New pictures Fun Paradise

Check out the new pictures from my Minecraft server Fun Paradise. New pictures showing the Minecart Golf, my castle and the Request build we did making a Nuclear Power Plant. Go to the pictures tab, choose games, then choose Fun Paradise ;-)

100 hour cast was great success

    Last Tuesday August 28th at 8pm I started the 100 hour cast again. Thanks to Ferols donating for a new videocard making it possible to stream again, muahhh hun. This time I decided to finally use my really cheap headset. So far I had been holding back a bit, but a good cast obviously needs a voice. Many asked about it and mentioned it, but I always wanted to wait till I could afford to buy a quality mic. Well, I wanted to surprise my viewers during this special broadcast to celebrate the fact I made it to 100 followers on my channel some time ago. Another reason for holding back was the fact I am transgendered and have a male sounding voice. I absolutely dislike my voice, being a woman, but totally not sounding like one. Oh well, I am still ME and nothing changes that, it just surprises quite a few viewers. I do not feel like putting up an act trying a high pitched voice which might sound more female. Been used to talk as a guy for most my life and its not easy to change that. Just a note on that, I can understand viewers to not quite get it and even though I feel to be a woman and like to be respected and spoken to as a woman, I also easily forgive those that might have to get used to it or think I am a man. So please do not worry about it too much, just respect me for who I am is all I ask. I don't even expect anyone to fully understand it. Get used to it, respect me, treat me as a woman or get lost if you can't.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fail !!!

Was going great and well on my way during my special celebration broadcast when all of a sudden everything froze on me. Tried fixing it and then my ISP went down for like two hours as well. Turned off my computer, waited for my ISP to get back online, just to find out my graphics card died on me. So for now I can't stream, but I will keep the Minecraft server running. I ordered a new graphics card and a power supply needed. Will be back in a few days. Sorry everyone, back soon ;-)

Friday, August 17, 2012

100 hour broadcast !!!

To celebrate the fact I reached 100 followers on my Twitch channel, I will be celebrating this great moment with a special 100 hour long broadcast. Everyone is welcome to join me on starting Friday at 10pm CET. Thnxxx everyone for showing your appreciation, much obliged ;-)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Closing in on 100 followers

    My channel is rapidly growing and I am now closing in on 100 followers. I made a promis though, when I reach 100 followers I will be doing a 100 hr special broadcast. Not sure what I will be doing exactly because I haven't been giving it much thought yet. Most likely I will be doing music requests mixed with a variation of games and Minecraft will of course be one of them, but some really oldschool games as well. I might be doing a give-away as well but that needs presents. I mean, Santa would be meaningless if he didn't wrap up boxes to put under the Xmas tree either. I will think of something, but it will be fun for sure.
    Sure many of you will think 100 hrs is insane and NO, I would certainly not recommend trying to do this. Reason I can do this is because I am sleep deprived and suffer from insomnia anyway, so for me it should be a piece of cake. So please please please, do not attempt to beat me or see this as record breaking or whatever. Such long casts are not meant to be some sort of contest.
    I will try to do all the streaming on my Twitch channel even though not all content might be game related. I just hope Twitch will be leniant on me. I have been moved before because I used to be streaming mixed content on JTV when this used to be my only channel. They made me move to Twitch for the games. So if needed I might switch to JTV at times as well, just to prevent trouble and to give you all a chance to get familiar with my channel there as well.

    Hope you will all join and this celebration will start on a friday after I actually reach the 100 followers. Will keep you all up-to-date and see yas then ;-)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Slowpoke's Minecraft Challenge

This is a great challenge with the opportunity to join the awesome 'Feed The Beast' team.

Slowpoke has created this challenge to create a new team to build FTB maps. Watch this video which explains all about this Minecraft challenge. FTB Mod Challenge. I could have embedded the YouTube video, but decided to just link to this video itself. Follow him on Twitch TV as well if you like as he is now working on the new Minecraft 1.3 FTB map. The challenge will be held this upcoming weekend, in a few days ...

Great stuff if you love Minecraft ;-)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hmmmm ...

    Not much has changed. Still pretty depressed and always on my computer to kill time. My broadcast is doing pretty well, but I am not streaming regularly as I would like to. Sometimes I just don't feel like it much or get into other things. One of those things is Pixy_Bot I have been working on a lot lately. I have been neglecting my website and I still feel like things are only half done on here. Hope to be in the right mood soon again to do some more work on this website. Been very busy with the Minecraft Fun Paradise server as well and it seems to finally be paying off.
    As for 'real life', I managed to finally do my taxes, just in time. All bills are paid and I can manage to slowly save up some. I have made appointments with hospital to get treatment going again. Some good news though, I can now have treatment in my home town instead of having to go to Amsterdam all the time, which will save me money. I still feel like shit though and my life doesnt seem to go anywhere. My life has been on hold for way too long making me feel really depressed. Sure hope things will get better or at least feel better once I had surgery. I am so tired of this ... sigh. I want the happy ME again, full of energy, enjoying life to the fullest. For now I am just wasting time it seems.

Crying now and can't see what I am typing.... Coffee and a break ...

I will get there ... uggghhh!

Lot of work done on Pixy_Bot

    I have been working hard lately on my mIRC chat bot for my Twitch and JTV channel. All the work and effort put into it sure paid off though. My Pixy_Bot is getting more advanced every time I add functionality. I would almost like to think my bot can now compete with some existing bots out there like MooBot, Nightbot, SauceBot and prolly a few others.
    As everyone probably knows, I love music and casting music on JTV. I use VLC for that and added some great functionality to my bot. Now my bot can tell the chat what is playing at the moment wether it be a radio station, a song/video on my computer or a YouTube song/video. It can also do requests and add any YouTube link to my playlist automatically. It can show who requested the song/video as well and it even creates a .m3u playlist of all the requested songs. I have been working on the already existing features some more and made the menu easier to handle. All in all I am really happy with what my bot can do now and it will prolly only get better :-)

Special thanks ...

    Some time ago I came across a channel which got my attention. Someone was playing Minecraft and working hard on setting up some servers with Bukkit. I have always wanted to use Bukkit plugins as well, but got tired of waiting on mods to be ported as I explained in another post. Coding and setting things up like that always gets my attention, since I love doing so myself. This guy has great knowledge on servers, working with Linux and some coding as well. Apart from that, he is also a very nice open-minded person, so I sure felt at home.
    One thing lead to another, watched his channel a lot and was soon made moderator. We share knowledge and help eachother out wherever we can. Always enjoy watching his streams. Now last night he did something special which was kinda to be expected. He decided to install all the mods and join my server. This I didn't expect though from someone who has not been into Minecraft that long yet and mostly playing Vanilla. So he joined and then did something I really owe him for. He started streaming my server on his channel and invited everyone over or to join my server as well as my channel. Some great advertising in my direction to get my server going as well as getting some more viewers. I have never doubted my server to get some players and to gain more viewers on my channel, but after having worked so hard on it and not having anyone to actually play on my server for a long time (apart from Freekativ). It was great to finally have a few people playing in Fun Paradise.

So thnxxx David, really appreciate what you did for me. You deserve a big HUGGG and a MUAHHH.

Check out his channel here: Hephwins on Twitch.

Feed The Beast challenge

    Two days ago I got a notification from Twitch TV telling me one of my favourite Minecraft channels just went online. It was Slowpoke101 with an announcement of upcoming events regarding his Feed The Beast (FTB) maps. Slowpoke is someone I admire greatly, not only for his FTB creations, but also for the effort he puts in it to realise his ideas. He is surrounded by other great minds as well and I often wish I could be part of a team like his to work with and create some awesome Minecraft fun. He just loves to create something special using mostly technical mods and I am pretty much alike, but could only dream of working with some of the people he works with.
    Well, Slowpoke announced a fresh start with Feed The Beast. Every single map will be redone and made ready to be released for 1.3. The team he used to work with has kinda fallen apart with many of them having gotten involved in other projects. Basically it's just Slowpoke and MattaBase left in the team and now they will do a challenge to allow others to join the FTB team. Everyone will get a chance this way to show their creativity and skills to earn a place in the FTB family. Here is a link to the actual cast in Slowpoke's archived videos. Advance notice of the upcoming trials for the FTB team plus sneak peak of the future maps.
    This got me pretty excited, because I would truly love to be in a team like that. I have never really given it much thought though and I am not even sure if I have the right skills, but I would sure love to give the challenge a try anyway. I am very busy already with the website, broadcasting, the mIRC chat bot, Minecraft and the server in particular, so I don't even know if I got time left to even join the team. Not even speaking of the skills needed, because that's not for me to decide. So I wrote Slowpoke a message anyway explaining a bit about what I do and showing a solution to one of the challenges. The next day just after I started broadcasting, Slowpoke, MattaBase and a few others joined my channel and I had a chance to show them around on my Fun Paradise server. I was also asked to show them my solution which I had built on my single player world. OMG, I felt so honoured to have them on my channel watching the things I created. Forgot to even show them my Minecart Golf ... lol.
    So yeah, I was very excited and am looking forward to join the contest/challenge if I can find the time. Will see how things go and I am not expecting anything, but I am eager to learn and look for solutions for the other challenges given. Will keep you all up-to-date :-)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

All mods updated

All mods on the Fun Paradise server have been updated again. No longer using ModLoader and Railcraft had been fixed by CovertJaguar. Just check the forum for mods used and installation guide.
This will be the last update for now till all mods are 1.3.1 available. I was considering to try the BuildCraft 3 SMP but since it is not an official release and all works fine, I decided to wait for now. So no Trains Mod just yet, although I sure hope to add that mod in the future.

See ya's in Fun Paradise ;-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun Paradise, all mods updated !

All the mods used for my Minecraft server Fun Paradise have been updated!

Make sure to check out the forum to (re-)install.

There was only one problem and I am waiting on a fix. The Railcraft plugin for NEI (Not Enough Items) crashes Minecraft as of Railcraft 5.4.0, so do NOT install this plugin! I haven't tested the world yet to see if there are any bugs or items/blocks gone missing. Will start playing in a bit and prolly stream as well on Twitch.

See ya in Fun Paradise ;-)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fun Paradise, the new Minecraft server

    For those wanting to join, check out the forum posts. Just click the 'forum' tab and look for the 'Minecraft server Fun Paradise' posts to read what it is all about. There is also a quick installation guide made even easier this time since I included a link to download the config files needed.
    Excited? ... great! Want to join? ... kewl! Get in touch with me so I can whitelist you. Email me your In Game Name and tell me why you should be the one playing on my server. Just remember, 20 slots only! ... See ya in Fun Paradise ;-)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend ...

    My weekend was pretty ok. Was supposed to be broadcasting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but Sunday got screwed up by yet another crash caused by XSplit. On Saturday I had been streaming for close to 13 hrs and XSplit crashed as soon as I quit, nice timing!. I could not fix it in time and decided to try get some well needed sleep instead. Some people I know, they know who they are, promised to be there, but they never showed up. Some new people did though and my new server seems to be ok enough to make them want to join. So yeah, I interested some new people :-)
    Today I managed to finally fix XSplit again and decided to see if any of the mods I use for my Minecraft server have been updated. Yep, quite a few have been updated so I tried to install the server and client all over again and import the existing world. Took me 4 hours to fix everything and make it work. Updated the forum post with the quick installation guide as well. Woot woot ... success! I think I will stream some more in a bit, because it is hard to attract new players on Justin TV, because most gamers are on Twitch TV. See you there ... ;-)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Frustrated .. #$#@%

    Had a good weekend, although I did let down my viewers on Sunday for the broadcast because I had fallen asleep. Friday and Saturday were both pretty ok broadcasts and it was nice to have some viewers. Was also happy because I made further progress on my website. Really proud of the way my pictures were showing on my website.Well, ... yesterday I wanted to upload some more pictures to show in my newly created picture cycler, but ended up doing nothing instead. Was not really in the mood for coding. Today however I felt a lot better and started full of energy, hoping to accomplish a lot. Figured I might as well check for cross browser compatibility.
    I wish I never did, although it's good to know if things work well in all internet browsers. All works great in Internet Explorer, no problems there, but @%@!#!$. Why can't all browsers just handle some simple code the same way. I found out that CSS rules are interpreted completely different across browsers and my JQuery code for the cycle plugin didnt work in FireFox, Opera and Google Chrome. I spend all frikkin day trying to solve differences and make it work for all browsers, but I just can't. I managed to get the styling (CSS) pretty ok now and it does look pretty similar whatever browser you use, but only Internet Explorer seems to be able to deal with anchors assigned to the smaller navigation buttons created with the JQuery cycle plugin. I just can't figure out why other browsers won't do anything when clicking one of those damn anchors to make related picture show. This completely spoiled my mood and I planned to do other things as well. Now it seems like all the hard work I did to create it is going down the drain again. So tired of this bullshit crap and browsers acting completely different. The code works perfectly fine and should work across all browsers, I am about to give it up completely. Might as well go back to the stupid old way of embedding a boring Picasa slideshow which links you to their website whenever you click the frikkin play button. All I have left to say about this is ... SIGH !

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New slideshow for pictures on its way

    Ok, been doing some more work on the website again. It had been a while since I last did anything, but it has been brewing all the time. I was not too happy about using Picasa web albums from Google and just embedding their slideshows. Although it works fine, I just don't like the looks of it. Embedding Picasa had other side-effects as well, like clicking the 'play' button often opened up the slideshow in a new window or browser tab. I am sure this was programmed this way, because they just want you to go to their site. Well ... I can finally say bye to Picasa because I am now going to use JQuery to show my slideshows and can store my pictures on my own file host again. Just created my first example slideshow on the 'pictures' tab and will work on it some more to make it look even better. Then I will have to upload a shitload of pictures to my file host before we can see the true results on my website. Just one downside of moving away from Picasa again is the fact its so easy to share on Google+, but then again a workaround is easily found :-) Just post the pics on my website if I want to share them elsewhere as well.
    Before I am going to do some more work on it, I will have to go shopping, because I am dying for a smoke and I ran out of tobacco. Need some groceries too though and I love shopping anyway, so no big deal. It's just that I hardly get outside anymore. Too depressed and kinda got hooked to this stupid silly box with a screen attached ... lol. Oh my ... and there is still so much to be done. The website ain't finished by far and not even to mention the new Minecraft server. I am planning to open it for public this weekend, but trying to build an elevator using RedPower and programming LUA for Computercraft on the server has taken me way too much time and I still don't have it working properly, SIGH. I also planned on making a video for the server, explaining a few things and showing off the things Freeky and I made so far. Kind of a commercial to promote the server and hopefully get some more players.
    Enough for now, I am going to have a nice long hot shower before I head out. Get myself some groceries and smokes and prolly a drink or two as well, since it's been a long time since I last drank alcohol and I just feel like having a stiff one ... hehehe. So buh bye for now, will be back later for some more work and fun time.

Tata and toodlessss  ;-)

Wax Tailor

We all have this at times, woke up today got out of bed and vaguely had this song in my head. Took me some time to figure out what song it was (not quite awake yet) and then I remembered ... "The Games We Play" by Wax Tailor from the album 'Hope & Sorrow' ...

Here is the full album from my YouTube channel ... enjoy ;-)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fun Paradise

Fun Paradise is my new Minecraft server. If you are curious to know what it is all about and would like to join then check out the forum posts. On the forum you will find a description of the server and what is expected from the players who join as well as a mod list and quick installation guide. Those wanting to join can email me their In Game Name and tell me in short why they should be playing on my server.

See ya in Fun Paradise ;-)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pictures Fun Paradise

I put some pics up from the new Minecraft server Fun Paradise. Check out the Pictures tab ;-)
Pictures Fun Paradise

Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun Paradise, the new Minecraft server !

    Finally the new server is ready for takeoff! This is the modded server without any Bukkit plugins, because I am still waiting on mods to be ported. I might even give up on my initial plan to combine mods with Bukkit. Anyways, yesss, after quite a few hours of work, I have the server working and the client as well. It was fairly easy although some block ID conflicts had to be solved as expected. No problem though, as long as the client uses the same block IDs. The following mods have been installed as of yet, but more might follow:
  • ModLoader (needed to install any of the Forge mods)
  • Forge
  • Buildcraft (BC)
    • Additional Pipes (BC addon)
  • Industrial Craft 2 (IC2)
    • Advanced Machines (IC2 addon)
    • Compact Solar Arrays (IC2 addon)
  • Equivalent Exchange 2
  • Forestry
  • Railcraft
  • RedPower 2
  • ChickenBones Mods
    • Not Enough Items (NEI)
    • RedPower 2 and Railcraft plugins
    • Wireless Redstone addons
  • AudioMod
  • Rei's Minimap
  • Rei's 3D Sound Fix Mod
Other mods that might still be added:
  • Computercraft
  • Portal Gun (Not SMP yet)
  • Furniture Mod (once ready for Forge)
  • Trains and Zeppelin Mod (not yet 1.2.5 SMP)
  • Flan's Mod (will create a custom pack once ModLoaderMP is no longer used)
  • Mo' Creatures (Not SMP yet)
Thats it for now ... woot woot, ready to play!!!

A quicklist can be found on the forum, including links and version numbers. Minecraft server Mods Quicklist (Fun Paradise)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finally doing some work again.

    Ok, so today I am finally doing some work on a few things again. Since I started my website, I had been working on it for two weeks to make it look the way it is right now. This was somewhere in January 2012 or even before that, now it's almost May for fucks sake. Ever since, I have just been too lazy, depressed and not feeling motivated to do anything. It's time to move on and get some work done.
    It's not just the website I should be working on, a lot more is involved in getting things the way I intended. I want to be broadcasting LIVE again on Justin TV this time (used to be on UStream when I still had the poker club). This needs setting up the JTV main page and profile on which I did a lot of work already, but still not quite finished it yet. The broadcast chat on JTV comes with chat next to it and I want a chat bot to help me out moderate the chat and offer extra functionality. So I am using mIRC to accomplish that and set up my Pixy_bot. When broadcasting live, there is a lot of work to do and chat to watch at the same time. It's hard to be able to follow everything that's going on while trying to make the broadcast look good and be busy with that. Many people don't even have a clue how hard it actually can be and how much work is involved to provide a quality cast. All they see is the result, while I am having 3 monitors to watch and multiple windows open at the same time to make it all possible. Having to follow the chat is of course very important. One of the downsides however is the fact that the chat is not shown within the broadcast. All too often I find it a shame that the chat doesn't show in a recording. The chat is usually part of the cast and not being able to see it back when looking at archived material makes me sad.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

May 1st - Grand opening Minecraft server and broadcast on Justin TV !!!

    OMG, My new Minecraft server will be EPIC if all the mods and plugins will work fine and not be too hard on my puter, woooot !!!
    Hope to get all the hard work done soon enough. Been working on most of the Bukkit plugins last two days, but still have to set all the permissions. Great news however, Red Power 2 pre-release 5 is just out and that was the most important mod I had been waiting on. So now I can finally try to get all the mods installed on the server as well :-)
    I am still looking for players to join, since there are 20 slots available. For now I got Freekativ (RTKfront) to help me out building main spawn area and give me feedback, he will be my main Admin and he has been great so far and builds some awesome stuff. Can use one or two more admins on the server who are familiar or willing to learn many of the commands used by the needed plugins. Will see who I pick for this very responsible task. Not really worried about getting players, although I certainly wont allow just anyone on. Players need to prove themselves first and will not have many privileges at start, but they can work their way up through a system I have yet to implement. I am sure that once I start streaming and the server is running full time, plenty of viewers will want to join.
    So yeah, not sure exactly when the server can start, but I am expecting to finish up by the end of the week with installing the mods and setting all permissions on the plugins. Could take even longer, no promises, it's just an estimate. May 1st should be the Grand Opening, not just for the server, but for my Justin TV channel as well. So all come watch my broadcast and have a big party together. Hey, guess what, that will be my birthday too, so all the more reason to be there ;-)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

New server coming up for Minecraft 1.2.5

   Today I have been busy figuring out how to set up a new Minecraft server for 1.2.5. So I spend all night searching for mods I want installed on the new server and see if they have updated yet to the latest stable release of Minecraft. Well ... I was pretty disappointed to see how it is still a mess. Many SSP (Survival Single Player) mods have updated, but many SMP (Survival Multi Player) mods have not yet been updated. To set up the server right, I need both client and server side mods to be updated to make it work. So for now I am not sure at all if what I want to accomplish is even possible at the moment. I will probably have to wait a while longer or risk using outdated mods.
   The general idea for the new server is as follows. I want it to be a whitelisted server with about 20 players max. The server will be in survival mode, because thats what I like best. I want a great variety of possibilities to be building the new world on my server. So I am planning to use quite a few mods to add a shitload of options. Just to name a few: Forge, BuildCraft, Industrial Craft 2, Forestry, RedPower 2, ComputerCraft, RailCraft, Portal Gun, Laser and more. Most of those mods are Forge compatible and some are quite complicated at first, where others just add some kewl extra features. Other things I like to add are some Bukkit plugins to help me out to protect the world from griefing, set safe-zones/regions, protect buildings/inventory/chests and other functional tools. Also planning to add an economy to the world where we can all run shops and sell items. Last thing to add for myself are some more protection tools like HawkEye to see block placement history, do roll-backs and more as well as adding World Edit and NEI (Not Enough Items) to start building the general spawn area and other parts of the world, like a PvP or mob fighting arena, several adventure maps, game zones and whatever else.
   Eventually this will be a great world combining all the best stuff Minecraft has to offer, focused on survival building and not as much on PvP. Everyone on the server will have a chance to be really creative with all options offered as well as try out fun stuff that will be added to the world by me and a few others helping out with building and creating. Just too bad I dont see it happen real soon. For now it's just waiting till all mods, I definately want to use, have updated. Could be a few days, weeks or months even, since there is a lot going on in mod-land at the moment.

Promise this will be a great server, hopefully soooooon.

PS: Since I can't test the server as of yet with the amount of mods in mind, I can't be sure how well my computer will cope. If needed I am willing to have the server hosted for me, which will have consequences because of involved costs. Lets hope that wont be needed ;-)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Zero Extacy?

Curious what this will be. Looks a lot like the story of Mars Effect (April 1st).
0x10ͨ Markus (Notch) Persson's new project ...
joystick post
Euro Gamer post
And more links to be found, just Google it ;-)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fail ...

Well, that was a great way to start streaming, NOT !!!

I had planned to start streaming Sunday April 1st at 8:00pm CET, but this failed miserably. My ISP went down at about 7:00pm CET and didnt get back on till the next day. Decided to go to bed early and just forget about this terrible start to be broadcasting on Justin TV. Not sure when I will stream next, but I will prolly give it another try coming weekend.

My sincere apologies for those who were planning to watch.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

I fucked up ...

   Damnit, I screwed up. Cities can only have as many wildlands occupied. Even though I was very aware of it and even made a note to remind myself, I still forgot to 'disband' a wildland so I would be sure to occupy the new one.
   Here is the situation: I just leveled up to State Minister so I can finally create two sub cities. Since I am way from my alliance, I decided to move all across the map and join them. Sending troops taking over 4 hrs to reach destination. One legend is on its way to occupy and then fortify after to create this new sub city. Another is on its way after, but taking 3 more hrs. The first legend reaches the flatland and wins the fight, but returns home because max amount of occupied wildlands has been reached. So damn, I forgot to disband a wildland just before it reached destination. This mistake took me over 3 hrs more to occupy without mistakes by the next legend. Used an item to speed it up, but stil 2:50 hrs wasted.
   Here are the screenshots ... dang, I could cry over that mistake, but we will all be able to laugh about it later. How could I forget, why didn't I check my notes, why oh why ... grrrr. Was a long night already, now even longer, but I have set my mind on it and want that spot to join friends/alliance.


Friday, March 23, 2012

The Secret World

The Secret World - GDC 2012 Presentation

The Secret World beta access, for those eligible through Funcom campaign offers

Kewl, can't wait ... I signed up for beta access ;-)

Minecraft 1.2.4 ... hip hip !

Minecraft 1.2.4 is out. | Bukkit Forums
[IMG] Mojang have just released an update to Minecraft, bringing us to 1.2.4. This update is primarily a bug fix release but does include some nice...

   Yay, should I be happy or sad now. Happy for yet another new update, thus supposedly being better, less bugs, new fun stuff. Sad, because this means yet again outdated servers, hard work on fixing it all, hoping all mods and plugins update as well and whatever else ...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

War of Legends

Started playing War of Legends about 2 weeks ago. First thing I noticed was lack of music, which is ok though, because I usually have my own music playing anyway. I do like building strategy games and it seems easy to start and get familiar with the game by just following tasks. The first week you get a protected status and building goes faster. Nice to know so you won't get slaughtered straight away. Now I am no longer protected and I kinda chickened out, so I joined an Alliance today. The game seems fun enough, although it does get boring a bit since building to higher levels takes more and more time. Really need something else to do next to it, which is no problem at all since I love to multitask anyway. So yeah, not a great game, but if you love MMO strategy and building then this game might please you. For me it's just killing time and some in-game chat is fun as well (I am usually chatty ... lol).
War of Legends (wikipedia)
War of Legends (site/game)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Minecraft - Modding

Nice to know that in the future adding mods will become a lot easier. Would be about frikkin time. I have been running a server and always wanted to add mods to the content. There is a shitload of available mods out there and they truly add to the game experience. Too bad there are a few problems though.
  • Mods are version specific.
  • Client needs to have the same mods installed.
  • Not all mods are compatible.

Super Replay: Overblood - News -

Super Replay: Overblood - News -

Was fun watching this 1997 PSX game again, since I once played it as well.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mass Effect continued ...

Oi oi oi, got Mass Effect now ...
Been playing for quite a few hours now and yep, I truly love the game. This will mean lots of gaming hours since its a trilogy and plenty of downloadable content (DLC) to go with it. I should however be working on my website some more though ... lol. Oh well, I will soon enough, if I can withstand my new addiction thats is ... hehehe.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mass Effect ...

I haven't been doing anything last few days when it comes to programming and working on the website. Just didn't feel like it at all ... sigh. Not been feeling too well and couldn't find the energy or will to do so. However I really should be doing some work soon again, since I am still planning to start streaming on Justin TV April 1st.
Last few days I have been watching someone play Mass Effect. Wow, I am intruiged by that game. Great story, wonderful graphics, wish I could afford to buy it and play myself. I got on the JTV/Twitch channel by accident. When searching for a channel to watch, it showed on the main page and I was kind of bored watching any more Minecraft, so I clicked. I got stuck watching ...
There was something else though that caught my attention and made me stick for the last few days. We seem to have something in common as I understood after visiting her website and having a look around on her forum. Will try to get in touch some time soon.
Anyways, I believe this is one hell of a great game which first release was in November 2007 and now has 2 sequels as well as of March 2012. All three parts together make up for a fantastic story and many hours of gameplay. There is also a lot of Downloadable Content (DLC) available which will only add to the gameplay/story.
Too bad this game has been going on for a while already, but if I ever get a chance to buy it, I certainly will. For now I just enjoy watching it and reading up on the story to try understand what exactly is going on in this game. If you are curious, I certainly recommend having a look for yourself. Catreina (Jenni) played ME3 first, then started playing all over again starting with ME1. To watch the archives or have a look Live on her channel, visit: or I know that by watching a full play through and reading all about this game spoils the whole story of course, but I don't care, I just love it anyway :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Creating a website and everything else fun?

Ok, enough coding for today. All those languages (markup/styling/scripting) like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, BBCode, php, Java, mIRC, XML, VBA, XHTML and whatever else. Not to forget all those different APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) used for Facebook, YouTube, Justin TV, Google and so on ... bla bla bla ... Will figure out jQuery tomorrow ... sigh and pffffttt and ugghhhh.

<muahhh> Nitey nite all ... </muahhh>

Monday, March 5, 2012

A lot of work done ...

Finally got a lot of work done, mostly on my JTV channel. Lay-out and design pretty much looks the way I like it now. All the hard work has been done and I managed to use some available free space I haven't seen anyone else use. Instead of the main column used for the About section (640px wide), I managed to use an additional 320px column below the Related Videos part as well :-)
I also managed to redirect my forum to my own custom domain. Was hard since I am pretty much new to this and I do not have any DNS support to help me out.
Next I need to work some more on my chat bot and set up a new Minecraft server. After that I can finally work some more on my Xsplit software used for streaming. I need an intro, outro and a lot of other custom scenes to help me out streaming.
Oh and not to forget, I need to be working some more on my YouTube channel and prolly set up a Facebook page, although I haven't decided on FB yet, since I truly dislike it. Too bad it's such a huge community and I am almost forced to use it.

Keep you all up-to-date ...


Friday, March 2, 2012

Lets get this party started !

Ok, so now my website is up and running. Still have a lot of work to do though.

Enjoy ;-)