Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hmmmm ...

    Not much has changed. Still pretty depressed and always on my computer to kill time. My broadcast is doing pretty well, but I am not streaming regularly as I would like to. Sometimes I just don't feel like it much or get into other things. One of those things is Pixy_Bot I have been working on a lot lately. I have been neglecting my website and I still feel like things are only half done on here. Hope to be in the right mood soon again to do some more work on this website. Been very busy with the Minecraft Fun Paradise server as well and it seems to finally be paying off.
    As for 'real life', I managed to finally do my taxes, just in time. All bills are paid and I can manage to slowly save up some. I have made appointments with hospital to get treatment going again. Some good news though, I can now have treatment in my home town instead of having to go to Amsterdam all the time, which will save me money. I still feel like shit though and my life doesnt seem to go anywhere. My life has been on hold for way too long making me feel really depressed. Sure hope things will get better or at least feel better once I had surgery. I am so tired of this ... sigh. I want the happy ME again, full of energy, enjoying life to the fullest. For now I am just wasting time it seems.

Crying now and can't see what I am typing.... Coffee and a break ...

I will get there ... uggghhh!

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