Sunday, August 5, 2012

Feed The Beast challenge

    Two days ago I got a notification from Twitch TV telling me one of my favourite Minecraft channels just went online. It was Slowpoke101 with an announcement of upcoming events regarding his Feed The Beast (FTB) maps. Slowpoke is someone I admire greatly, not only for his FTB creations, but also for the effort he puts in it to realise his ideas. He is surrounded by other great minds as well and I often wish I could be part of a team like his to work with and create some awesome Minecraft fun. He just loves to create something special using mostly technical mods and I am pretty much alike, but could only dream of working with some of the people he works with.
    Well, Slowpoke announced a fresh start with Feed The Beast. Every single map will be redone and made ready to be released for 1.3. The team he used to work with has kinda fallen apart with many of them having gotten involved in other projects. Basically it's just Slowpoke and MattaBase left in the team and now they will do a challenge to allow others to join the FTB team. Everyone will get a chance this way to show their creativity and skills to earn a place in the FTB family. Here is a link to the actual cast in Slowpoke's archived videos. Advance notice of the upcoming trials for the FTB team plus sneak peak of the future maps.
    This got me pretty excited, because I would truly love to be in a team like that. I have never really given it much thought though and I am not even sure if I have the right skills, but I would sure love to give the challenge a try anyway. I am very busy already with the website, broadcasting, the mIRC chat bot, Minecraft and the server in particular, so I don't even know if I got time left to even join the team. Not even speaking of the skills needed, because that's not for me to decide. So I wrote Slowpoke a message anyway explaining a bit about what I do and showing a solution to one of the challenges. The next day just after I started broadcasting, Slowpoke, MattaBase and a few others joined my channel and I had a chance to show them around on my Fun Paradise server. I was also asked to show them my solution which I had built on my single player world. OMG, I felt so honoured to have them on my channel watching the things I created. Forgot to even show them my Minecart Golf ... lol.
    So yeah, I was very excited and am looking forward to join the contest/challenge if I can find the time. Will see how things go and I am not expecting anything, but I am eager to learn and look for solutions for the other challenges given. Will keep you all up-to-date :-)

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