Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun Paradise, the new Minecraft server !

    Finally the new server is ready for takeoff! This is the modded server without any Bukkit plugins, because I am still waiting on mods to be ported. I might even give up on my initial plan to combine mods with Bukkit. Anyways, yesss, after quite a few hours of work, I have the server working and the client as well. It was fairly easy although some block ID conflicts had to be solved as expected. No problem though, as long as the client uses the same block IDs. The following mods have been installed as of yet, but more might follow:
  • ModLoader (needed to install any of the Forge mods)
  • Forge
  • Buildcraft (BC)
    • Additional Pipes (BC addon)
  • Industrial Craft 2 (IC2)
    • Advanced Machines (IC2 addon)
    • Compact Solar Arrays (IC2 addon)
  • Equivalent Exchange 2
  • Forestry
  • Railcraft
  • RedPower 2
  • ChickenBones Mods
    • Not Enough Items (NEI)
    • RedPower 2 and Railcraft plugins
    • Wireless Redstone addons
  • AudioMod
  • Rei's Minimap
  • Rei's 3D Sound Fix Mod
Other mods that might still be added:
  • Computercraft
  • Portal Gun (Not SMP yet)
  • Furniture Mod (once ready for Forge)
  • Trains and Zeppelin Mod (not yet 1.2.5 SMP)
  • Flan's Mod (will create a custom pack once ModLoaderMP is no longer used)
  • Mo' Creatures (Not SMP yet)
Thats it for now ... woot woot, ready to play!!!

A quicklist can be found on the forum, including links and version numbers. Minecraft server Mods Quicklist (Fun Paradise)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finally doing some work again.

    Ok, so today I am finally doing some work on a few things again. Since I started my website, I had been working on it for two weeks to make it look the way it is right now. This was somewhere in January 2012 or even before that, now it's almost May for fucks sake. Ever since, I have just been too lazy, depressed and not feeling motivated to do anything. It's time to move on and get some work done.
    It's not just the website I should be working on, a lot more is involved in getting things the way I intended. I want to be broadcasting LIVE again on Justin TV this time (used to be on UStream when I still had the poker club). This needs setting up the JTV main page and profile on which I did a lot of work already, but still not quite finished it yet. The broadcast chat on JTV comes with chat next to it and I want a chat bot to help me out moderate the chat and offer extra functionality. So I am using mIRC to accomplish that and set up my Pixy_bot. When broadcasting live, there is a lot of work to do and chat to watch at the same time. It's hard to be able to follow everything that's going on while trying to make the broadcast look good and be busy with that. Many people don't even have a clue how hard it actually can be and how much work is involved to provide a quality cast. All they see is the result, while I am having 3 monitors to watch and multiple windows open at the same time to make it all possible. Having to follow the chat is of course very important. One of the downsides however is the fact that the chat is not shown within the broadcast. All too often I find it a shame that the chat doesn't show in a recording. The chat is usually part of the cast and not being able to see it back when looking at archived material makes me sad.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

May 1st - Grand opening Minecraft server and broadcast on Justin TV !!!

    OMG, My new Minecraft server will be EPIC if all the mods and plugins will work fine and not be too hard on my puter, woooot !!!
    Hope to get all the hard work done soon enough. Been working on most of the Bukkit plugins last two days, but still have to set all the permissions. Great news however, Red Power 2 pre-release 5 is just out and that was the most important mod I had been waiting on. So now I can finally try to get all the mods installed on the server as well :-)
    I am still looking for players to join, since there are 20 slots available. For now I got Freekativ (RTKfront) to help me out building main spawn area and give me feedback, he will be my main Admin and he has been great so far and builds some awesome stuff. Can use one or two more admins on the server who are familiar or willing to learn many of the commands used by the needed plugins. Will see who I pick for this very responsible task. Not really worried about getting players, although I certainly wont allow just anyone on. Players need to prove themselves first and will not have many privileges at start, but they can work their way up through a system I have yet to implement. I am sure that once I start streaming and the server is running full time, plenty of viewers will want to join.
    So yeah, not sure exactly when the server can start, but I am expecting to finish up by the end of the week with installing the mods and setting all permissions on the plugins. Could take even longer, no promises, it's just an estimate. May 1st should be the Grand Opening, not just for the server, but for my Justin TV channel as well. So all come watch my broadcast and have a big party together. Hey, guess what, that will be my birthday too, so all the more reason to be there ;-)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

New server coming up for Minecraft 1.2.5

   Today I have been busy figuring out how to set up a new Minecraft server for 1.2.5. So I spend all night searching for mods I want installed on the new server and see if they have updated yet to the latest stable release of Minecraft. Well ... I was pretty disappointed to see how it is still a mess. Many SSP (Survival Single Player) mods have updated, but many SMP (Survival Multi Player) mods have not yet been updated. To set up the server right, I need both client and server side mods to be updated to make it work. So for now I am not sure at all if what I want to accomplish is even possible at the moment. I will probably have to wait a while longer or risk using outdated mods.
   The general idea for the new server is as follows. I want it to be a whitelisted server with about 20 players max. The server will be in survival mode, because thats what I like best. I want a great variety of possibilities to be building the new world on my server. So I am planning to use quite a few mods to add a shitload of options. Just to name a few: Forge, BuildCraft, Industrial Craft 2, Forestry, RedPower 2, ComputerCraft, RailCraft, Portal Gun, Laser and more. Most of those mods are Forge compatible and some are quite complicated at first, where others just add some kewl extra features. Other things I like to add are some Bukkit plugins to help me out to protect the world from griefing, set safe-zones/regions, protect buildings/inventory/chests and other functional tools. Also planning to add an economy to the world where we can all run shops and sell items. Last thing to add for myself are some more protection tools like HawkEye to see block placement history, do roll-backs and more as well as adding World Edit and NEI (Not Enough Items) to start building the general spawn area and other parts of the world, like a PvP or mob fighting arena, several adventure maps, game zones and whatever else.
   Eventually this will be a great world combining all the best stuff Minecraft has to offer, focused on survival building and not as much on PvP. Everyone on the server will have a chance to be really creative with all options offered as well as try out fun stuff that will be added to the world by me and a few others helping out with building and creating. Just too bad I dont see it happen real soon. For now it's just waiting till all mods, I definately want to use, have updated. Could be a few days, weeks or months even, since there is a lot going on in mod-land at the moment.

Promise this will be a great server, hopefully soooooon.

PS: Since I can't test the server as of yet with the amount of mods in mind, I can't be sure how well my computer will cope. If needed I am willing to have the server hosted for me, which will have consequences because of involved costs. Lets hope that wont be needed ;-)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Zero Extacy?

Curious what this will be. Looks a lot like the story of Mars Effect (April 1st).
0x10ͨ Markus (Notch) Persson's new project ...
joystick post
Euro Gamer post
And more links to be found, just Google it ;-)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fail ...

Well, that was a great way to start streaming, NOT !!!

I had planned to start streaming Sunday April 1st at 8:00pm CET, but this failed miserably. My ISP went down at about 7:00pm CET and didnt get back on till the next day. Decided to go to bed early and just forget about this terrible start to be broadcasting on Justin TV. Not sure when I will stream next, but I will prolly give it another try coming weekend.

My sincere apologies for those who were planning to watch.