Sunday, April 22, 2012

May 1st - Grand opening Minecraft server and broadcast on Justin TV !!!

    OMG, My new Minecraft server will be EPIC if all the mods and plugins will work fine and not be too hard on my puter, woooot !!!
    Hope to get all the hard work done soon enough. Been working on most of the Bukkit plugins last two days, but still have to set all the permissions. Great news however, Red Power 2 pre-release 5 is just out and that was the most important mod I had been waiting on. So now I can finally try to get all the mods installed on the server as well :-)
    I am still looking for players to join, since there are 20 slots available. For now I got Freekativ (RTKfront) to help me out building main spawn area and give me feedback, he will be my main Admin and he has been great so far and builds some awesome stuff. Can use one or two more admins on the server who are familiar or willing to learn many of the commands used by the needed plugins. Will see who I pick for this very responsible task. Not really worried about getting players, although I certainly wont allow just anyone on. Players need to prove themselves first and will not have many privileges at start, but they can work their way up through a system I have yet to implement. I am sure that once I start streaming and the server is running full time, plenty of viewers will want to join.
    So yeah, not sure exactly when the server can start, but I am expecting to finish up by the end of the week with installing the mods and setting all permissions on the plugins. Could take even longer, no promises, it's just an estimate. May 1st should be the Grand Opening, not just for the server, but for my Justin TV channel as well. So all come watch my broadcast and have a big party together. Hey, guess what, that will be my birthday too, so all the more reason to be there ;-)

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  1. PS: I can now install all the mods I want, but not yet on a Bukkit server. A bukkit server does need ported versions of the server side mods. So in order to be able to do both mods and Bukkit plugins, I still have to wait. No worries though, I will have a modded server ready without Bukkit, so we can at least have some fun. Not sure if I will be able to keep the world we create and use it for the eventual Bukkit server as well though. We will just have to see ...