Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun Paradise, the new Minecraft server !

    Finally the new server is ready for takeoff! This is the modded server without any Bukkit plugins, because I am still waiting on mods to be ported. I might even give up on my initial plan to combine mods with Bukkit. Anyways, yesss, after quite a few hours of work, I have the server working and the client as well. It was fairly easy although some block ID conflicts had to be solved as expected. No problem though, as long as the client uses the same block IDs. The following mods have been installed as of yet, but more might follow:
  • ModLoader (needed to install any of the Forge mods)
  • Forge
  • Buildcraft (BC)
    • Additional Pipes (BC addon)
  • Industrial Craft 2 (IC2)
    • Advanced Machines (IC2 addon)
    • Compact Solar Arrays (IC2 addon)
  • Equivalent Exchange 2
  • Forestry
  • Railcraft
  • RedPower 2
  • ChickenBones Mods
    • Not Enough Items (NEI)
    • RedPower 2 and Railcraft plugins
    • Wireless Redstone addons
  • AudioMod
  • Rei's Minimap
  • Rei's 3D Sound Fix Mod
Other mods that might still be added:
  • Computercraft
  • Portal Gun (Not SMP yet)
  • Furniture Mod (once ready for Forge)
  • Trains and Zeppelin Mod (not yet 1.2.5 SMP)
  • Flan's Mod (will create a custom pack once ModLoaderMP is no longer used)
  • Mo' Creatures (Not SMP yet)
Thats it for now ... woot woot, ready to play!!!

A quicklist can be found on the forum, including links and version numbers. Minecraft server Mods Quicklist (Fun Paradise)

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