Thursday, August 28, 2014

Some quick changes to the website

I noticed the picture menus were kind of broken and applied a quick fix. I am using PrettyPhoto on this website to show pictures in a nice way, but the styling got all messed up. Some scripts seem to have changed or stopped working properly. I am not planning to spend a lot of time on fixing this considering I am working on a new website anyway, so I just did a quick fix. When clicking on thumbnails to see enlarged pictures, some buttons are not showing, but parts of the script is still functional. Hover over the picture to see picture navigation and click outside the picture to go back to the thumbnail view.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Looking for Music

Looking for music to use during live streaming in the very near future (Hitbox/Twich, YouTube or possibly elsewhere depending on the content). Any artists out there who would not mind getting some extra promotion? Licensing or written consent needed. Suggestions for Creative Commons/Free to share are also welcome.

Let me know ;-)

Monday, August 18, 2014

My god ...

Deep deep down we all know what's right and what's wrong. I follow this inner knowledge and seek MY truth as well as I can. I am sure, no matter how different we appear to be, we all boil down to be pretty much the same. This my friends is my so called 'god', I don't need a book and I sure would not call it religion. I am not forcing it on anyone, I just try to be as sensible as I can in a world we live in TOGETHER. I am ME and you are YOU and I love you all! MUAHHH!

Friday, August 15, 2014

I feel like music lately

Not quite sure what or who triggered the desire to start making music again, but dang I can't wait to do so once my computer setup is done. Maybe the fact some of my online friends are making music or perhaps YouTube videos passing by on Facebook or just my love for music in general has to do with it. Could also be those depressive moments reaching for really old memories I have left on cassette. I just don't know what truly makes me want to, but it doesn't matter either, just one of my many hobbies. I am writing this post while watching/listening to the 'Burma Shave' DVD on my other monitor triggered by Facebook for sure ;-) as Kat Boelskov posted a message just right now, this must be a sign ... lol. Tom Waits reminds me of a mash-up I did a few years ago which you can find here: I have also been listening to some more recent but still old tracks on my PlayStation (Music2000 and MusicGenerator2), which are pretty crappy by the way, now that I listened to them again (enough reason for not posting a Facebook link to those). Most of my best work, made when I started out making music was never recorded or got lost. Too bad I don't have a studio like friends used to have back in the days when I lived in Amsterdam. We had several keyboards, a drum computer, Korg MS20 synthesizer, sampler, Commodore Amiga, PC with Cakewalk, 3 turntables and even an 8-tracker to record with. This got me into DJ-ing/creating quite a bit of Ambient and together we created some pretty good up-beat, dance and hardcore tracks as well, but I was a terrible DJ at that. Some days ago I started looking on the internet for software to use and that led me to this site: Found out Cakewalk - which we used a lot back in the early 90's  - is still going strong with Sonar X3. I hardly have any equipment I can really use, so software will have to do next to possibly hooking up my PSX/PS2, crappy mixing panel and old record player. Not sure what results this will lead to, but at least I am sure to enjoy the ride :-)

Will keep you all up-to-date or remain in silence if my perfectionism doesn't allow me to share whatever creations come from it, which could be anything ...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to playback any TWITCH VoD WITH AUDIO

No longer works for VoDs stored since August 6th !!!

    Twitch has this nice API for any VoD stored. The following link to their API has all you need to still play any VoD WITH audio:<VIDEOID>.json. You just have to put the <VIDEOID> in that link which is easy to find by going to any video on Twitch. I will show an example below. Through the API link above you can easily find the urls for the stored 30 minutes video parts in flv format. Look for this: "video_file_url", which is followed by the url you need to playback that part of the video. I usually use VLC for playback of any media and by opening the url found in the API in my browser it will ask me to allow VLC to play the video in the browser. Once allowed it will play perfectly fine WITH the audio that is muted by Twitch when you try to watch the video on their website. I can even watch it within VLC itself instead of in the browser. For any VoD longer than 30 mins, you will find multiple urls in the API link, just look for the next "video_file_url".

    This method above can easily be automated with some code/script as a nice feature to embed on your website or have your chatbot provide a link(s) for your viewers when they post a link in chat to one of your broadcasts muted by Twitch. It only needs to connect to the API, do some regex matching and return the url(s) which can then be used for whatever you wish to do with it.

    I wonder however how Twitch is actually 'legally' covering their ass with the new implementation for VoDs containing unauthorized third-party audio when the audio itself is actually still there. Twitch says to "respect the rights of copyright owners, and are voluntarily undertaking this effort to help protect both our broadcasters and copyright owners.". I doubt muting the audio on their own website player only does the trick for them. I think the way they implemented it is just plain bullshit.

    Now for an example I am going to use the Twitch Weekly - 7/18/2014 - Fishstix, Atrioc, Soma & Carnage (LIVE @ 4PM EDT) broadcast. The link is the following: The number at the end of the link is the <VIDEOID>. So we will use that to get the link to the API for that broadcast, which will then become this link: That will bring us here. You will then see a lot of information as shown in the picture below with the urls for all 3 parts of the broadcast:
When you watch this broadcast on Twitch, the muted part is after 30 minutes, because they are saved in 30 minutes parts this would be the second url you find in the picture above. The url for that second part of the broadcast is With VLC or any other flash plugin you will then be able to watch it in the browser (or within VLC) WITH the audio!

    Notice how you will also see "transcode_file_urls" Those urls are links to lower resolutions of the same video parts (240p, 360p and 480p). Very useful for those with bad internet connection and buffering issues on Twitch. With VLC for example a similar method can be used to watch a LIVE stream with lower resolution to prevent the 'oh so annoying' buffering issue you might get on Twitch. I will however not go into detail on how to do this, but I might explain that some other time.

    For those who want the easy way out, here is a link to a website that does this same 'trick' I explained above by using some code/script and Flowplayer to let you watch VoDs from Twitch WITH audio by just entering the <VIDEOID> as explained above:


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Random thought

"I 'AM' already, just on my way to match the full experience".

Friday, August 8, 2014

Twitch - YouTube

I truly think Twitch could use some YouTube integration at least if acquisition by Google YouTube division is not going to happen. YouTube already has a similar system implemented for recognition of unauthorized copyrighted audio in place. YouTube also has capabilities way beyond Twitch's capabilities to store video. Integrating Google's CDN (Content Delivery Network) would do Twitch really good as well and might help further decrease delays caused by Twitch's choice to use HLS (Http Live Streaming). So far Google's/YouTube's attempt to offer live streaming have kind of failed, but a combination of Twitch/YouTube using best of both could be a more than welcome solution. Even though I completely moved away from Twitch as for streaming myself, I can sure imagine what that would look like ;-)

Thursday, August 7, 2014


What's next ...

    It feels weird to post on my 'old' website. Can't wait to continue working on my new website, but for that I want my new computer to be fully operational. Too bad building my new computer has to wait a couple more days because I am waiting for a cable that was supposed to be delivered with the Power Supply. Once my new rig is ready and working properly I will clean up and re-install my old gremlin to become part of my new network setup together with my laptop. It's going to be awesome with a total of 4 separate monitors and my laptop. I am glad I have plenty of room for it, although I am even considering to move all to my spare bedroom. Problem with moving there would be the distance and cables needed to create proper connections for internet. Another downside is the lack of comfy-ness, music and atmosphere, becoming too much of an office. So I guess I'd better stick to my setup for the streaming/gaming/work computer in the cupboard next to the dining table. The dining table itself will then get my other 2 monitors for the 2nd desktop (backup/storage/streaming) and laptop (server) as well as a mixing panel and other needed extras. Glad my dining table is very big and easily allows for it while still being able to have a proper meal with 2. I could later on move part of the dining table setup to the left of the cupboard if I wish to. Just need to build some proper furniture to house things.

    While I am waiting on that cable to be delivered, I took some time looking at keyboards and mice. I think I think I made a nice choice with the Logitech G19s keyboard and G700s mouse. For now I will be done shopping since I am about to go broke ... lol. But hey, I gave it long enough to think about spending such amounts of money for the full built of my new rig. I know I have some other priorities as well, but I see it as an opportunity to take some other things more seriously from now on. Screw new boobs, this computer is an investment!

    I am planning to take coding and design more seriously from now on to return some of the costs. I am mentally forcing myself to do so and to be honest, IT FEELS GOOD :-P I am however not forced to actually find a way to earn that money back since I did manage to save up for it over the last couple of YEARS ... *sigh*. This is probably the reason why I am quite content with this decision, although I still want my boobies :-(

    Next to taking things serious there is still plenty of time to have fun. I will soon start creating a new modpack for the dedicated Minecraft server, pick another game again to run as a server on the laptop and start coding some more for the new website. Will discuss a possible new server with Rockstar Hosting and a friend of mine, so he can fully take care of yet another dedicated game server for us to play on. I will help out on that one if needed, but it will be his, so no stress there. Teamspeak will still be around of course and hopefully become more active again. Dang, I ... might even start streaming again ... KAPPA. I said 'might' because I certainly don't want to feel any pressure there. IF I do..., big fat IF ... , it will be on Hitbox for sure. Enough said about Twitch, a full move was long due, but I need to re-code my mIRC chatbot to websockets and therefor not feeling fully prepared yet. I have grown way too fond of Pixy_Bot. Besides, I lost the fun in streaming quite some time ago and I won't be back till I feel I can enjoy myself again without feeling the need to complain and most of all disappointed.

    The website is a big project and I sure have plans with it. Hopefully I will manage to turn it into an awesome place that is all about ME and a great hangout for friends around. I am open to suggestions or ideas, *winks* at some of my loyal followers ;-) This goes for mod suggestions for the Minecraft server as well ;-)

    Though 'strangely' enough kinda skeered, I am looking forward to 'new' things to come.

“How do you know your going to do something, untill you do it?” ~ J. D. Salinger

Friday, August 1, 2014

More shopping ...

    I can't just replace my 'old gremlin' and let it collect dust in a corner. Not after all those years of service and struggles to keep up. My gremlin has been treating me very well and doesn't deserve that. So I decided to keep it for a while longer to help me out where needed as part of my Home Network. This means it will keep most of the 'old' but still useful parts, but some of its parts were bought to eventually serve a new computer. The power supply for example, a nice Antec EarthWatts Series EA-750 Green 750W. Taking it out of my gremlin will take away its life if not replaced with another capable PSU. Since I don't have a replacement, this means more shopping to do! Similar problem I have with the graphics card my gremlin still possesses, a reasonably good and sufficient Geforce GT 630 (2gb). Bought cheap after my old and not so capable previous graphics card died on me. Since I never intended to buy myself a 'beast' of a computer, it was supposed to eventually become part of a 'new and upgraded' computer to last me a while longer. Now that it turns out to become a true beast, this graphics card doesn't suit very well. So yeah, once again ... more shopping to do!

    Basically I have to build my beast and re-build my gremlin to both serve me in my network. My old gremlin doesn't need much and can't deal with all the 'high-tech' stuff anyway. My new beast however, loves the latest technology and can't deal with the old outdated crappy stuff and even if it can, it would just make it look bad. So at the moment I am trying to decide what goes where and what is needed to keep my gremlin alive to serve as a slave for my new beast.

    After some research I came to the conclusion that the PSU in my old gremlin seems a bit outdated. So I just ordered another PSU to go in my beast instead of buying a cheaper 300W-500W PSU for my gremlin. Also finally decided on the CPU cooler to go on top my new i7 and according to the specifications it should fit my motherboard and case. It's huge and will most likely overlap all my RAM memory lanes and might get in the way of the first PCIe lane, but I should be able to fit my graphics card for what I know. I guess we'll find out once I start my build ... lol. Can't wait :-)

    Oh ... and I can't make up my mind on buying myself an even better SSD than the two I already bought (Samsung 840 Evo 120gb). I already made a huge jump compared to what I had before, but with one of them going into my gremlin it feels the other is not beast worthy on its own. Need to think about it some more before I make any hasty decisions, but I do like the Samsung 850 pro. Another reason I might want to wait a while longer is the fact my motherboard has an Ultra M.2 (PCIe Gen3 x4) module which allows to go beyond the limits of the SATA 600 standard (600mb/s), but sharing on the other PCIe lanes and thus limiting there when in use. So far I can only find one reasonable alternative (HP Z Turbo Drive) based on the Samsung XP941 SSD 256gb or 512gb (2gb/s) which are for some reason not being sold separately yet. Another option would be the external LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 (1tb) which is basically two of those XP941s. Not even sure if I would actually need such speeds although pretty fancy none the less. Maybe in the near future more of those truly fast SSDs will join the market to compete.

Full list of what I got so far:
Those last two items on the list will most likely arrive tomorrow ... woot!

Unturned server is down!

At the moment it is impossible to run a dedicated server for Unturned. Nelson, the creator of Unturned is working on Steam server integration and unless I hack the game and bypass Steam, I am not able to run the server as usual. I hope this is not turning into another 'we all want to get rich' thing, allowing me only to rent a proper hosted server. This game is still in beta and running a server without proper server integration is supposed to be 'risky'. As usual, those who just want to run a server from their local computer to play with some friends are the ones getting hurt. The game is not ready yet for proper hosting for the masses with public servers unless you are willing to setup security yourself, which is common for a beta game. So why make running a server impossible and ruin it for those who just want to have some fun with this game??? BECAUSE STEAM and those 'in it for the money' public servers want to get rich, so they keep complaining about all the hacks and risks involved, while working on a way to get best profit. Steam does not allow us to have some fun with a FREE game in BETA!