Friday, August 15, 2014

I feel like music lately

Not quite sure what or who triggered the desire to start making music again, but dang I can't wait to do so once my computer setup is done. Maybe the fact some of my online friends are making music or perhaps YouTube videos passing by on Facebook or just my love for music in general has to do with it. Could also be those depressive moments reaching for really old memories I have left on cassette. I just don't know what truly makes me want to, but it doesn't matter either, just one of my many hobbies. I am writing this post while watching/listening to the 'Burma Shave' DVD on my other monitor triggered by Facebook for sure ;-) as Kat Boelskov posted a message just right now, this must be a sign ... lol. Tom Waits reminds me of a mash-up I did a few years ago which you can find here: I have also been listening to some more recent but still old tracks on my PlayStation (Music2000 and MusicGenerator2), which are pretty crappy by the way, now that I listened to them again (enough reason for not posting a Facebook link to those). Most of my best work, made when I started out making music was never recorded or got lost. Too bad I don't have a studio like friends used to have back in the days when I lived in Amsterdam. We had several keyboards, a drum computer, Korg MS20 synthesizer, sampler, Commodore Amiga, PC with Cakewalk, 3 turntables and even an 8-tracker to record with. This got me into DJ-ing/creating quite a bit of Ambient and together we created some pretty good up-beat, dance and hardcore tracks as well, but I was a terrible DJ at that. Some days ago I started looking on the internet for software to use and that led me to this site: Found out Cakewalk - which we used a lot back in the early 90's  - is still going strong with Sonar X3. I hardly have any equipment I can really use, so software will have to do next to possibly hooking up my PSX/PS2, crappy mixing panel and old record player. Not sure what results this will lead to, but at least I am sure to enjoy the ride :-)

Will keep you all up-to-date or remain in silence if my perfectionism doesn't allow me to share whatever creations come from it, which could be anything ...

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