Thursday, August 7, 2014

What's next ...

    It feels weird to post on my 'old' website. Can't wait to continue working on my new website, but for that I want my new computer to be fully operational. Too bad building my new computer has to wait a couple more days because I am waiting for a cable that was supposed to be delivered with the Power Supply. Once my new rig is ready and working properly I will clean up and re-install my old gremlin to become part of my new network setup together with my laptop. It's going to be awesome with a total of 4 separate monitors and my laptop. I am glad I have plenty of room for it, although I am even considering to move all to my spare bedroom. Problem with moving there would be the distance and cables needed to create proper connections for internet. Another downside is the lack of comfy-ness, music and atmosphere, becoming too much of an office. So I guess I'd better stick to my setup for the streaming/gaming/work computer in the cupboard next to the dining table. The dining table itself will then get my other 2 monitors for the 2nd desktop (backup/storage/streaming) and laptop (server) as well as a mixing panel and other needed extras. Glad my dining table is very big and easily allows for it while still being able to have a proper meal with 2. I could later on move part of the dining table setup to the left of the cupboard if I wish to. Just need to build some proper furniture to house things.

    While I am waiting on that cable to be delivered, I took some time looking at keyboards and mice. I think I think I made a nice choice with the Logitech G19s keyboard and G700s mouse. For now I will be done shopping since I am about to go broke ... lol. But hey, I gave it long enough to think about spending such amounts of money for the full built of my new rig. I know I have some other priorities as well, but I see it as an opportunity to take some other things more seriously from now on. Screw new boobs, this computer is an investment!

    I am planning to take coding and design more seriously from now on to return some of the costs. I am mentally forcing myself to do so and to be honest, IT FEELS GOOD :-P I am however not forced to actually find a way to earn that money back since I did manage to save up for it over the last couple of YEARS ... *sigh*. This is probably the reason why I am quite content with this decision, although I still want my boobies :-(

    Next to taking things serious there is still plenty of time to have fun. I will soon start creating a new modpack for the dedicated Minecraft server, pick another game again to run as a server on the laptop and start coding some more for the new website. Will discuss a possible new server with Rockstar Hosting and a friend of mine, so he can fully take care of yet another dedicated game server for us to play on. I will help out on that one if needed, but it will be his, so no stress there. Teamspeak will still be around of course and hopefully become more active again. Dang, I ... might even start streaming again ... KAPPA. I said 'might' because I certainly don't want to feel any pressure there. IF I do..., big fat IF ... , it will be on Hitbox for sure. Enough said about Twitch, a full move was long due, but I need to re-code my mIRC chatbot to websockets and therefor not feeling fully prepared yet. I have grown way too fond of Pixy_Bot. Besides, I lost the fun in streaming quite some time ago and I won't be back till I feel I can enjoy myself again without feeling the need to complain and most of all disappointed.

    The website is a big project and I sure have plans with it. Hopefully I will manage to turn it into an awesome place that is all about ME and a great hangout for friends around. I am open to suggestions or ideas, *winks* at some of my loyal followers ;-) This goes for mod suggestions for the Minecraft server as well ;-)

    Though 'strangely' enough kinda skeered, I am looking forward to 'new' things to come.

“How do you know your going to do something, untill you do it?” ~ J. D. Salinger

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