Friday, August 1, 2014

Unturned server is down!

At the moment it is impossible to run a dedicated server for Unturned. Nelson, the creator of Unturned is working on Steam server integration and unless I hack the game and bypass Steam, I am not able to run the server as usual. I hope this is not turning into another 'we all want to get rich' thing, allowing me only to rent a proper hosted server. This game is still in beta and running a server without proper server integration is supposed to be 'risky'. As usual, those who just want to run a server from their local computer to play with some friends are the ones getting hurt. The game is not ready yet for proper hosting for the masses with public servers unless you are willing to setup security yourself, which is common for a beta game. So why make running a server impossible and ruin it for those who just want to have some fun with this game??? BECAUSE STEAM and those 'in it for the money' public servers want to get rich, so they keep complaining about all the hacks and risks involved, while working on a way to get best profit. Steam does not allow us to have some fun with a FREE game in BETA!

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