Saturday, September 8, 2012

Music Battle ...

Last night when I was streaming we had some great fun Fomanchoo and Quetzi both raided my channel after they were done streaming themselves. I have never had that many viewers before and I sure want to thank both of them for raiding me. Once they found out they could post any YouTube link in chat to be added to my playlist, all viewers started some Music Battle. OMG, it was hilareous. I put up the full playlist as an .m3u file for those who want to listen to it again. The .m3u playlist contains all the direct links to YouTube and VLC does play them without any problems. Not sure if other media players are able to play direct YouTube links, but try it if you like. Here is the download: Quetzi Music Battle Also make sure to check out both Fomanchoo and Quetzi on Twitch TV, they are great guys and fun streamers. Muahhh ... love you !!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

New pictures Fun Paradise

Check out the new pictures from my Minecraft server Fun Paradise. New pictures showing the Minecart Golf, my castle and the Request build we did making a Nuclear Power Plant. Go to the pictures tab, choose games, then choose Fun Paradise ;-)

100 hour cast was great success

    Last Tuesday August 28th at 8pm I started the 100 hour cast again. Thanks to Ferols donating for a new videocard making it possible to stream again, muahhh hun. This time I decided to finally use my really cheap headset. So far I had been holding back a bit, but a good cast obviously needs a voice. Many asked about it and mentioned it, but I always wanted to wait till I could afford to buy a quality mic. Well, I wanted to surprise my viewers during this special broadcast to celebrate the fact I made it to 100 followers on my channel some time ago. Another reason for holding back was the fact I am transgendered and have a male sounding voice. I absolutely dislike my voice, being a woman, but totally not sounding like one. Oh well, I am still ME and nothing changes that, it just surprises quite a few viewers. I do not feel like putting up an act trying a high pitched voice which might sound more female. Been used to talk as a guy for most my life and its not easy to change that. Just a note on that, I can understand viewers to not quite get it and even though I feel to be a woman and like to be respected and spoken to as a woman, I also easily forgive those that might have to get used to it or think I am a man. So please do not worry about it too much, just respect me for who I am is all I ask. I don't even expect anyone to fully understand it. Get used to it, respect me, treat me as a woman or get lost if you can't.