Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fun Paradise II updated !!!

    Now that the FTB MindCrack and Direwolf20 modpacks finally have been updated to v8.1.1 and v5.1.1 respectively, it was time to update the Fun Paradise II server as well! I was very happy to see that both packs are finally using a development version of IndustrialCraft 2 solving a lot of bugs and lag issues. Strangely enough I noticed that the config files for the MindCrack pack also contain the Direwolf20 configs for mods that are not even in this pack.
    Another thing I noticed immediately were some of the new Forestry additions like the new electron tubes used for the multi-block farm structures (Apatine and Lapis). Since I had just build a few of those farms and was not able to get those electron tubes in the previous version, I checked on those first. Fun thing with the farms as well is the fact my Sequoia fences around the farms were being eaten at those fields of the farm where I had set them to Orchards (manual). I guess the farm sees them as actual fully grown trees. This caused my fully automated system to get clogged. Now it uses dirt instead of actual humus as input as well, but still places humus turning it into sand, so I will have to create an automated input for dirt.
    A new Mystcraft version that has been added caused all the inter-age linking books to be broken. A quick fix though by placing a link modifier and recreating them all over again. I think I have done all the books I could find. Very curious to see the new features Mystcraft has added. A new Mining World will be created as soon as possible and I am considering to create a new void age as well or removing it till a void age is truly needed.
    Another bug I noticed when trying to join the server the first time was a crash caused by Java. Something to do with not being able to get the right orientation for my distillation towers from Traincraft (java.lang.NullPointerException at src.train.common.tileHelper.getOrientationFromSide( and at and some render problems ...). Somehow it fixed itself or so it seems, because sometimes I can join without problems and other times it crashes with the same problem again. So if you encounter the same problem, please keep trying.
    So far all seems fine though and I even get a better frame rate. Still some IC2 enet console spam for some machines (mostly the TileEntityReactorChamberElectric). Also some weird console errors about duplicate item IDs not being used by any other mod. Oh well, I have never ever ran such a terrible server, but I am still willing to give FTB a try instead of having to install every mod myself and keeping it way more up-to-date then they do. It would most likely solve a lot of problems since I would use the latest versions and dev builds for many of the mods, bug fixing a lot. To be honest, I have a fully updated server setup ready to go in case I decide to do things myself again, but it would mean clients having to install all the mods themselves again. Right now its as easy as it can get for clients, since they can just use the modpack as offered by FTB.
    I have added three mods from the Direwolf20 modpack. Those are Mystcraft (has been added from start), Charging Pads and Thaumic Bees. The last two are new on my Fun Paradise II server and reason I added them is because I feel that Charging Pads (IC2 addon) is very useful and Thaumic Bees is a nice addition to the Thaumcraft mod (and Forestry bees) we already have.
    Check the forum Change log or Installation topic for installing the modpack as used on my server. If you encounter any problems, please post them on the forum as well. I truly hope all goes well this time without any major problems. Have fun ....