Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Frustrated .. #$#@%

    Had a good weekend, although I did let down my viewers on Sunday for the broadcast because I had fallen asleep. Friday and Saturday were both pretty ok broadcasts and it was nice to have some viewers. Was also happy because I made further progress on my website. Really proud of the way my pictures were showing on my website.Well, ... yesterday I wanted to upload some more pictures to show in my newly created picture cycler, but ended up doing nothing instead. Was not really in the mood for coding. Today however I felt a lot better and started full of energy, hoping to accomplish a lot. Figured I might as well check for cross browser compatibility.
    I wish I never did, although it's good to know if things work well in all internet browsers. All works great in Internet Explorer, no problems there, but @%@!#!$. Why can't all browsers just handle some simple code the same way. I found out that CSS rules are interpreted completely different across browsers and my JQuery code for the cycle plugin didnt work in FireFox, Opera and Google Chrome. I spend all frikkin day trying to solve differences and make it work for all browsers, but I just can't. I managed to get the styling (CSS) pretty ok now and it does look pretty similar whatever browser you use, but only Internet Explorer seems to be able to deal with anchors assigned to the smaller navigation buttons created with the JQuery cycle plugin. I just can't figure out why other browsers won't do anything when clicking one of those damn anchors to make related picture show. This completely spoiled my mood and I planned to do other things as well. Now it seems like all the hard work I did to create it is going down the drain again. So tired of this bullshit crap and browsers acting completely different. The code works perfectly fine and should work across all browsers, I am about to give it up completely. Might as well go back to the stupid old way of embedding a boring Picasa slideshow which links you to their website whenever you click the frikkin play button. All I have left to say about this is ... SIGH !

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New slideshow for pictures on its way

    Ok, been doing some more work on the website again. It had been a while since I last did anything, but it has been brewing all the time. I was not too happy about using Picasa web albums from Google and just embedding their slideshows. Although it works fine, I just don't like the looks of it. Embedding Picasa had other side-effects as well, like clicking the 'play' button often opened up the slideshow in a new window or browser tab. I am sure this was programmed this way, because they just want you to go to their site. Well ... I can finally say bye to Picasa because I am now going to use JQuery to show my slideshows and can store my pictures on my own file host again. Just created my first example slideshow on the 'pictures' tab and will work on it some more to make it look even better. Then I will have to upload a shitload of pictures to my file host before we can see the true results on my website. Just one downside of moving away from Picasa again is the fact its so easy to share on Google+, but then again a workaround is easily found :-) Just post the pics on my website if I want to share them elsewhere as well.
    Before I am going to do some more work on it, I will have to go shopping, because I am dying for a smoke and I ran out of tobacco. Need some groceries too though and I love shopping anyway, so no big deal. It's just that I hardly get outside anymore. Too depressed and kinda got hooked to this stupid silly box with a screen attached ... lol. Oh my ... and there is still so much to be done. The website ain't finished by far and not even to mention the new Minecraft server. I am planning to open it for public this weekend, but trying to build an elevator using RedPower and programming LUA for Computercraft on the server has taken me way too much time and I still don't have it working properly, SIGH. I also planned on making a video for the server, explaining a few things and showing off the things Freeky and I made so far. Kind of a commercial to promote the server and hopefully get some more players.
    Enough for now, I am going to have a nice long hot shower before I head out. Get myself some groceries and smokes and prolly a drink or two as well, since it's been a long time since I last drank alcohol and I just feel like having a stiff one ... hehehe. So buh bye for now, will be back later for some more work and fun time.

Tata and toodlessss  ;-)

Wax Tailor

We all have this at times, woke up today got out of bed and vaguely had this song in my head. Took me some time to figure out what song it was (not quite awake yet) and then I remembered ... "The Games We Play" by Wax Tailor from the album 'Hope & Sorrow' ...

Here is the full album from my YouTube channel ... enjoy ;-)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fun Paradise

Fun Paradise is my new Minecraft server. If you are curious to know what it is all about and would like to join then check out the forum posts. On the forum you will find a description of the server and what is expected from the players who join as well as a mod list and quick installation guide. Those wanting to join can email me their In Game Name and tell me in short why they should be playing on my server.

See ya in Fun Paradise ;-)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pictures Fun Paradise

I put some pics up from the new Minecraft server Fun Paradise. Check out the Pictures tab ;-)
Pictures Fun Paradise