Sunday, December 30, 2012

Music War

Here is the latest download for the YouTube playlist as played on my Twitch TV channel: Music War Dec. 29th 2012.

Enjoy ;-)

Server setup fun

    Setting up a new server is so much fun ... NOT. But yeah, last few days been working hard to set up the new Fun Paradise II server. All seemed to be working fine and I went through all the configs when I did the first setup. Today however I noticed new updates, so I had to go through everything all over again. I got it working now though after a few hours of work. I have copied files and changed the way I am doing things regarding the server to make any future updates easier and quicker. Still getting used to the way the FTB launcher does things. I have even been considering to start using MultiMC again for the client side installation, but for now I stick to the FTB launcher.
    I have been working on the forum as well the last few days. I changed a few things and made sub-forums for easier navigation. Some topics are now pinned and/or locked. The Fun Paradise II sub-forum is finished as well now and I already gained a few new subscriptions. I really like the forum now and hopefully my community and the players on the new server feel encouraged to post/reply.
    I had trouble starting to stream again since I have been feeling pretty down. A couple of days ago I started streaming again and it has been great fun. Streaming does make me feel a lot better and secure about myself. Should have started way sooner, sigh. Great to see the regular viewers again and welcoming new viewers. I was amazed to see how many returned the very first stream already. Thanks all, love you <3 So now I am back to streaming regularly again and its great to be back :-) I am considering to set up a streaming schedule for both my JTV and Twitch, but not exactly sure what and when yet. I do like to have my Music Request nights on JTV again. Those differ from the Music War I usually have on my Twitch channel since I only do music and video then instead of streaming a game while having requested songs in the background. I also want to be doing some coding/tech streams as well as different games and maybe even live painting or something else on either JTV or Twitch.
    Today I did a lot of work and even though I started reasonably early (noon), time flies way too fast and didn't expect updating the server to take as long. It's too late now even to shop for groceries and have everything ready for New Year's eve. Damnit, I wanted to be done early and now I find myself hurrying even to be in time to start streaming. So I skipped groceries, haven't had dinner yet (6:45pm), wanted to take a hot shower and will have to skip a few other things to be able to stream kind of early anyway. Today the Fun Paradise II server will officially be open to previously whitelisted players and I am not ready yet :-( I just feel so hurried and want to many things to be done or worked on lately, stresssSSS!

Ran out of coffee and tobacco, working my ass off while listening to Queen, but hey ... keeps me going ;-)

Fun Paradise II server updated!

Both the MindCrack pack and the Direwolf20 pack in the FTB launcher have been updated!
Check the forum for Fun Paradise II topics 'Update log' and 'Installation'. After updating, Mystcraft needs to be re-added.

Forum Fun Paradise II

New topics have been added to the forum in Fun Paradise II.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Music War

Here is the latest download for the YouTube playlist as played on my Twitch TV channel: Music War Dec. 28th 2012.

For those new to the music playlists I will post here on my website, the .m3u playlist contains direct YouTube links with Artist - Title and name of the person who requested it. Open in notepad or similar to see content. The playlist will only work if your media player supports opening of direct YouTube links. I am using VLC to do so.

Been great fun, enjoy this playlist ;-)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Fun Paradise II

Last few days I have been working on the new Minecraft server, Fun Paradise II. I decided to make installing easier client side by using the FTB launcher and modpacks available. The server is using the MindCrack pack from the FTB launcher with Mystcraft included separately. All information about the server can be found on my forum (Info, Rules, Installation and Application). For now Yoomanyoo, Olajohnny and I are working to set it all up and build a spawn area. Within the next few days I will officially open the server to those who want to join and were previously whitelisted on the old Fun Paradise server. For others who wish to join, check out the forum as well for applications.

Music War

Here is the latest YouTube playlist as played on my Twitch channel: Music War - Dec. 27th 2012.
For those new to the music playlists I will post here on my website, the .m3u playlist contains direct YouTube links with Artist - Title and name of the person who requested it. Open in notepad or similar to see content. The playlist will only work if your media player supports opening of direct YouTube links. I am using VLC to do so.

Been great fun, enjoy this playlist ;-)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Music War

Here is the download for the Music War playlist: Music War - Dec. 23rd 2012
For those new to the music playlists I will post here on my website, the .m3u playlist contains direct YouTube links with Artist - Title and name of the person who requested it. Open in notepad or similar to see content. The playlist will only work if your media player supports opening of direct YouTube links. I am using VLC to do so.

Note: There was not enough time to play all songs. I ended the broadcast on Twitch TV with 'Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight - The Temptations'. Everything after this song has not been played live, but included anyway.

Been great fun, enjoy this playlist ;-)

Friday, December 21, 2012

RedPower finally released !!!

Woot woot!!! Finally Eloraam released/updated RedPower for Minecraft 1.4.6. This means I can finally start working on the new server. I will be doing this together with Yoomanyoo and I am not sure when the server will be up and running. I do know that I won't be trying to safe our old world, although I might give it a try later. So we will be starting with a fresh new world thats for sure. I will be using FTB mods to make installing a lot easier. Just one problem though ... FTB has not been updated for quite some time now and is still in version 1.4.2. This means I will have to try use the same configs, but install updated mods myself for now until FTB will release an updated version of the test/technic pack. So please give it some time before the server goes public. The new server will be fun for sure though and I am pretty sure the wait was well worth it! Will keep you all up to date on how the server is coming along :-) Happy Holidays !!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Late Night Fun

    Just got out of bed and trying to wake up with some coffee. I will try to write in my diary more often, I know it's good for me to do so, but I won't make any promises since I know myself well enough. When I feel depressed I usually don't feel like writing.
    So yesterday I had a long hot shower and prepared to go shop for groceries. Did most of the dishes, because I wasn't able to fit everything in the dishwasher. Cleaned up the kitchen a bit as well and even took a few bags of trash down to the container. Been so lazy that it started piling up on my balcony. Promised myself to take more bags down than I made new to eventually get rid of them all again. There must be quite a lot of maggots beneath the bottom ones, I don't even want to know, yuk. Cleaned out my mailbox downstairs, which fills up way too fast with all the folders and free papers in this period. Took the important mail back upstairs with me and of course I had yet again an unexpected bill. I really should check on my mail more often, sigh. Another bill for forgetting to pay my last term for my previous energy provider ... €181,= To be paid before Xmas, yay. Glad it's only €40 bucks more than the original bill, but it's still throwing away extra money. Oh well that was the last of them and at least I can manage to pay for it at the moment. Time to go shopping and get those fries and all the other things I have been craving for the last few days. I always end up with too many groceries, two big bags full, hardly able to carry it all upstairs in one go. Dropped the bags in the living room, went down the stairs again to get the beer and potatoes. Yup, couldn't carry it up all at once. Sat down to catch my breath and have a smoke before I put all the groceries away. Woot, I made it and live to survive a few more days ...
    Bored as I am lately, I couldn't quite find a Twitch channel to watch. I was feeling pretty hungry, but odd enough I didn't feel like making myself fries. Instead I made myself some Dutch pea soup from a tin. Sat in front of my computer again and found Eddy Vegas streaming poker on Twitch. Was fun watching and it made me itchy to play some poker myself. At some point I started up PokerStars to play a tourney, but once I got a list of tables up, I closed poker again. Didn't feel like it as I often don't feel like being on PokerStars. I am still having a hard time playing after all that has happened in the past on PokerStars. Been way too involved ...
    I tried calling my dealer to deliver me some nice hash but couldnt reach him. The doorbell rang some time after and I figured it could be him. Went to the door and was up for a somewhat funny surprise. There were two Policemen and my downstairs neighbour standing in the outer hallway. They wanted to know how I was doing because I had not been spotted for months according to my neighbour. Funny, because I spoke to her like two weeks ago, but I guess she forgot. She had found a website with a post from about 10 months ago. The post was about a friend of mine from Canada being worried sick about me. She had contacted the Police because I was planning a suicide back then and many were of course worried. So because of that post on the internet and my neighbour thinking she had not seen me for months, the Police was contacted once again to check on me. We had a talk and I ensured them I was fine. I gave the Police my phone numbers and they left again. My neighbour came back leaving me some info and asked for my phone numbers as well. Promised to mail them and all was fine. Called my dealer and went back to watch the poker stream.
    After Eddy was finished streaming on his poker channel I tried PokerStars again. Signed up for a 9 player 200k SNG (play money) and did pretty well. In the meantime waiting for Eddy to start streaming on his gaming channel. Someone I know joined the chat, waiting as well. We had fun chatting about poker and the tourney I was in. Funny how empty channels on Twitch with no Live stream sometimes turn into a chat room. Oh well, Eddy showed up after all while I was having fun playing poker and getting pretty intoxicated from all the beers that went down like lemonade. Eddy was streaming a trucking game, but asked me to share my screen through Skype to cast my poker instead. I did well, but lost eventually with only 6 players left. Time to quit and go to bed, I was wasted, but had great fun :-)
    Time for my 2nd mug of coffee and already feeling bored. What will tonight bring me? Do some coding on the website? Broadcast later on? Nahhh, I will prolly just do nothing much, lurk on Twitch and hope to feel tired soon again so I can sleep ... just killing time day after day, waiting for nothing to happen at all.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Shopping should be fun right?! Well, being as depressed as I am it's no more than just a reason to get out. I have been delaying it for days now and hey, it's just groceries ... sigh. Been thinking of having fries for days now with some nice green pepper sauce and sate sauce (great combo). Hell, I even dreamed of burgers!!! Since I got nothing left to eat, I guess I will just have to force myself. Why the fuck is it so hard to do anything, arrrggghhh. Shower it is, then groceries and then yummy time. Still need to do the dishes and clean out my kitchen though, pfffttt. I am trying to get back on track. It will do me good :-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Currently working on a few things: 
  • Updated the code for the 'Pictures' page: More pictures will be added soon.
  • Redesigning the 'Broadcasting' page: A menu will be added. Windows will be hidden with a menu to choose from 'Devilin_Pixy (Justin TV)' or 'Manually select ...'. A form will be added to input up to 4 channel names and show them all on one page. Will have to figure out how to add the chat if at all needed. Will add my 'Bio' from the Twitch TV/Justin TV channel to my broadcasting window. A list of following channels will be added to the menu as well, showing all channels I follow, their online status, a direct link and some extra info.
  • Main page: Might need redesign. My Twitch TV and Justin TV channel status both show in the header now. When online, a preview picture will show. This code will most likely be changed to make it only show when actually online and not showing anything when offline. Both pictures link to the 'Broadcasting' page for now. The Twitch TV part to show if I am online/offline will be removed soon.
I haven't been streaming at all lately for several reasons. Be patient though, because I miss you all and I will be streaming some time soon again. For now I am busy on a few coding projects and waiting on RedPower to be released. My channel design on Twitch TV will be removed as a protest, just a direct link to my website will remain. My channel design on Justin TV will stay, but might be changed.
Important note: I won't be streaming on Twitch TV anymore! Twitch TV keeps disappointing me and I decided to move back to Justin TV for ALL my broadcasts (including games). To let you all get used to the move back, I will be streaming to Twitch TV for 5 mins. first before I switch to Justin TV. That way you will get your notification email.

Sorry for the long wait, but there won't be a new server until RedPower is released. Once RedPower is released I will try and port over the old world to a new completely updated world. Chances are slim this will work well though, so odds are we will have to start a completely new world. The new world will be using the FTB modpack to make joining and installing all the mods a whole frikkin lot easier. However, I might be using a custom choice of mods from the FTB pack. Will let you know once the server is ready of course.