Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Currently working on a few things: 
  • Updated the code for the 'Pictures' page: More pictures will be added soon.
  • Redesigning the 'Broadcasting' page: A menu will be added. Windows will be hidden with a menu to choose from 'Devilin_Pixy (Justin TV)' or 'Manually select ...'. A form will be added to input up to 4 channel names and show them all on one page. Will have to figure out how to add the chat if at all needed. Will add my 'Bio' from the Twitch TV/Justin TV channel to my broadcasting window. A list of following channels will be added to the menu as well, showing all channels I follow, their online status, a direct link and some extra info.
  • Main page: Might need redesign. My Twitch TV and Justin TV channel status both show in the header now. When online, a preview picture will show. This code will most likely be changed to make it only show when actually online and not showing anything when offline. Both pictures link to the 'Broadcasting' page for now. The Twitch TV part to show if I am online/offline will be removed soon.
I haven't been streaming at all lately for several reasons. Be patient though, because I miss you all and I will be streaming some time soon again. For now I am busy on a few coding projects and waiting on RedPower to be released. My channel design on Twitch TV will be removed as a protest, just a direct link to my website will remain. My channel design on Justin TV will stay, but might be changed.
Important note: I won't be streaming on Twitch TV anymore! Twitch TV keeps disappointing me and I decided to move back to Justin TV for ALL my broadcasts (including games). To let you all get used to the move back, I will be streaming to Twitch TV for 5 mins. first before I switch to Justin TV. That way you will get your notification email.

Sorry for the long wait, but there won't be a new server until RedPower is released. Once RedPower is released I will try and port over the old world to a new completely updated world. Chances are slim this will work well though, so odds are we will have to start a completely new world. The new world will be using the FTB modpack to make joining and installing all the mods a whole frikkin lot easier. However, I might be using a custom choice of mods from the FTB pack. Will let you know once the server is ready of course.

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