Sunday, December 30, 2012

Server setup fun

    Setting up a new server is so much fun ... NOT. But yeah, last few days been working hard to set up the new Fun Paradise II server. All seemed to be working fine and I went through all the configs when I did the first setup. Today however I noticed new updates, so I had to go through everything all over again. I got it working now though after a few hours of work. I have copied files and changed the way I am doing things regarding the server to make any future updates easier and quicker. Still getting used to the way the FTB launcher does things. I have even been considering to start using MultiMC again for the client side installation, but for now I stick to the FTB launcher.
    I have been working on the forum as well the last few days. I changed a few things and made sub-forums for easier navigation. Some topics are now pinned and/or locked. The Fun Paradise II sub-forum is finished as well now and I already gained a few new subscriptions. I really like the forum now and hopefully my community and the players on the new server feel encouraged to post/reply.
    I had trouble starting to stream again since I have been feeling pretty down. A couple of days ago I started streaming again and it has been great fun. Streaming does make me feel a lot better and secure about myself. Should have started way sooner, sigh. Great to see the regular viewers again and welcoming new viewers. I was amazed to see how many returned the very first stream already. Thanks all, love you <3 So now I am back to streaming regularly again and its great to be back :-) I am considering to set up a streaming schedule for both my JTV and Twitch, but not exactly sure what and when yet. I do like to have my Music Request nights on JTV again. Those differ from the Music War I usually have on my Twitch channel since I only do music and video then instead of streaming a game while having requested songs in the background. I also want to be doing some coding/tech streams as well as different games and maybe even live painting or something else on either JTV or Twitch.
    Today I did a lot of work and even though I started reasonably early (noon), time flies way too fast and didn't expect updating the server to take as long. It's too late now even to shop for groceries and have everything ready for New Year's eve. Damnit, I wanted to be done early and now I find myself hurrying even to be in time to start streaming. So I skipped groceries, haven't had dinner yet (6:45pm), wanted to take a hot shower and will have to skip a few other things to be able to stream kind of early anyway. Today the Fun Paradise II server will officially be open to previously whitelisted players and I am not ready yet :-( I just feel so hurried and want to many things to be done or worked on lately, stresssSSS!

Ran out of coffee and tobacco, working my ass off while listening to Queen, but hey ... keeps me going ;-)

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