Friday, December 21, 2012

RedPower finally released !!!

Woot woot!!! Finally Eloraam released/updated RedPower for Minecraft 1.4.6. This means I can finally start working on the new server. I will be doing this together with Yoomanyoo and I am not sure when the server will be up and running. I do know that I won't be trying to safe our old world, although I might give it a try later. So we will be starting with a fresh new world thats for sure. I will be using FTB mods to make installing a lot easier. Just one problem though ... FTB has not been updated for quite some time now and is still in version 1.4.2. This means I will have to try use the same configs, but install updated mods myself for now until FTB will release an updated version of the test/technic pack. So please give it some time before the server goes public. The new server will be fun for sure though and I am pretty sure the wait was well worth it! Will keep you all up to date on how the server is coming along :-) Happy Holidays !!!

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