Monday, August 20, 2012

Fail !!!

Was going great and well on my way during my special celebration broadcast when all of a sudden everything froze on me. Tried fixing it and then my ISP went down for like two hours as well. Turned off my computer, waited for my ISP to get back online, just to find out my graphics card died on me. So for now I can't stream, but I will keep the Minecraft server running. I ordered a new graphics card and a power supply needed. Will be back in a few days. Sorry everyone, back soon ;-)

Friday, August 17, 2012

100 hour broadcast !!!

To celebrate the fact I reached 100 followers on my Twitch channel, I will be celebrating this great moment with a special 100 hour long broadcast. Everyone is welcome to join me on starting Friday at 10pm CET. Thnxxx everyone for showing your appreciation, much obliged ;-)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Closing in on 100 followers

    My channel is rapidly growing and I am now closing in on 100 followers. I made a promis though, when I reach 100 followers I will be doing a 100 hr special broadcast. Not sure what I will be doing exactly because I haven't been giving it much thought yet. Most likely I will be doing music requests mixed with a variation of games and Minecraft will of course be one of them, but some really oldschool games as well. I might be doing a give-away as well but that needs presents. I mean, Santa would be meaningless if he didn't wrap up boxes to put under the Xmas tree either. I will think of something, but it will be fun for sure.
    Sure many of you will think 100 hrs is insane and NO, I would certainly not recommend trying to do this. Reason I can do this is because I am sleep deprived and suffer from insomnia anyway, so for me it should be a piece of cake. So please please please, do not attempt to beat me or see this as record breaking or whatever. Such long casts are not meant to be some sort of contest.
    I will try to do all the streaming on my Twitch channel even though not all content might be game related. I just hope Twitch will be leniant on me. I have been moved before because I used to be streaming mixed content on JTV when this used to be my only channel. They made me move to Twitch for the games. So if needed I might switch to JTV at times as well, just to prevent trouble and to give you all a chance to get familiar with my channel there as well.

    Hope you will all join and this celebration will start on a friday after I actually reach the 100 followers. Will keep you all up-to-date and see yas then ;-)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Slowpoke's Minecraft Challenge

This is a great challenge with the opportunity to join the awesome 'Feed The Beast' team.

Slowpoke has created this challenge to create a new team to build FTB maps. Watch this video which explains all about this Minecraft challenge. FTB Mod Challenge. I could have embedded the YouTube video, but decided to just link to this video itself. Follow him on Twitch TV as well if you like as he is now working on the new Minecraft 1.3 FTB map. The challenge will be held this upcoming weekend, in a few days ...

Great stuff if you love Minecraft ;-)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hmmmm ...

    Not much has changed. Still pretty depressed and always on my computer to kill time. My broadcast is doing pretty well, but I am not streaming regularly as I would like to. Sometimes I just don't feel like it much or get into other things. One of those things is Pixy_Bot I have been working on a lot lately. I have been neglecting my website and I still feel like things are only half done on here. Hope to be in the right mood soon again to do some more work on this website. Been very busy with the Minecraft Fun Paradise server as well and it seems to finally be paying off.
    As for 'real life', I managed to finally do my taxes, just in time. All bills are paid and I can manage to slowly save up some. I have made appointments with hospital to get treatment going again. Some good news though, I can now have treatment in my home town instead of having to go to Amsterdam all the time, which will save me money. I still feel like shit though and my life doesnt seem to go anywhere. My life has been on hold for way too long making me feel really depressed. Sure hope things will get better or at least feel better once I had surgery. I am so tired of this ... sigh. I want the happy ME again, full of energy, enjoying life to the fullest. For now I am just wasting time it seems.

Crying now and can't see what I am typing.... Coffee and a break ...

I will get there ... uggghhh!

Lot of work done on Pixy_Bot

    I have been working hard lately on my mIRC chat bot for my Twitch and JTV channel. All the work and effort put into it sure paid off though. My Pixy_Bot is getting more advanced every time I add functionality. I would almost like to think my bot can now compete with some existing bots out there like MooBot, Nightbot, SauceBot and prolly a few others.
    As everyone probably knows, I love music and casting music on JTV. I use VLC for that and added some great functionality to my bot. Now my bot can tell the chat what is playing at the moment wether it be a radio station, a song/video on my computer or a YouTube song/video. It can also do requests and add any YouTube link to my playlist automatically. It can show who requested the song/video as well and it even creates a .m3u playlist of all the requested songs. I have been working on the already existing features some more and made the menu easier to handle. All in all I am really happy with what my bot can do now and it will prolly only get better :-)

Special thanks ...

    Some time ago I came across a channel which got my attention. Someone was playing Minecraft and working hard on setting up some servers with Bukkit. I have always wanted to use Bukkit plugins as well, but got tired of waiting on mods to be ported as I explained in another post. Coding and setting things up like that always gets my attention, since I love doing so myself. This guy has great knowledge on servers, working with Linux and some coding as well. Apart from that, he is also a very nice open-minded person, so I sure felt at home.
    One thing lead to another, watched his channel a lot and was soon made moderator. We share knowledge and help eachother out wherever we can. Always enjoy watching his streams. Now last night he did something special which was kinda to be expected. He decided to install all the mods and join my server. This I didn't expect though from someone who has not been into Minecraft that long yet and mostly playing Vanilla. So he joined and then did something I really owe him for. He started streaming my server on his channel and invited everyone over or to join my server as well as my channel. Some great advertising in my direction to get my server going as well as getting some more viewers. I have never doubted my server to get some players and to gain more viewers on my channel, but after having worked so hard on it and not having anyone to actually play on my server for a long time (apart from Freekativ). It was great to finally have a few people playing in Fun Paradise.

So thnxxx David, really appreciate what you did for me. You deserve a big HUGGG and a MUAHHH.

Check out his channel here: Hephwins on Twitch.

Feed The Beast challenge

    Two days ago I got a notification from Twitch TV telling me one of my favourite Minecraft channels just went online. It was Slowpoke101 with an announcement of upcoming events regarding his Feed The Beast (FTB) maps. Slowpoke is someone I admire greatly, not only for his FTB creations, but also for the effort he puts in it to realise his ideas. He is surrounded by other great minds as well and I often wish I could be part of a team like his to work with and create some awesome Minecraft fun. He just loves to create something special using mostly technical mods and I am pretty much alike, but could only dream of working with some of the people he works with.
    Well, Slowpoke announced a fresh start with Feed The Beast. Every single map will be redone and made ready to be released for 1.3. The team he used to work with has kinda fallen apart with many of them having gotten involved in other projects. Basically it's just Slowpoke and MattaBase left in the team and now they will do a challenge to allow others to join the FTB team. Everyone will get a chance this way to show their creativity and skills to earn a place in the FTB family. Here is a link to the actual cast in Slowpoke's archived videos. Advance notice of the upcoming trials for the FTB team plus sneak peak of the future maps.
    This got me pretty excited, because I would truly love to be in a team like that. I have never really given it much thought though and I am not even sure if I have the right skills, but I would sure love to give the challenge a try anyway. I am very busy already with the website, broadcasting, the mIRC chat bot, Minecraft and the server in particular, so I don't even know if I got time left to even join the team. Not even speaking of the skills needed, because that's not for me to decide. So I wrote Slowpoke a message anyway explaining a bit about what I do and showing a solution to one of the challenges. The next day just after I started broadcasting, Slowpoke, MattaBase and a few others joined my channel and I had a chance to show them around on my Fun Paradise server. I was also asked to show them my solution which I had built on my single player world. OMG, I felt so honoured to have them on my channel watching the things I created. Forgot to even show them my Minecart Golf ... lol.
    So yeah, I was very excited and am looking forward to join the contest/challenge if I can find the time. Will see how things go and I am not expecting anything, but I am eager to learn and look for solutions for the other challenges given. Will keep you all up-to-date :-)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

All mods updated

All mods on the Fun Paradise server have been updated again. No longer using ModLoader and Railcraft had been fixed by CovertJaguar. Just check the forum for mods used and installation guide.
This will be the last update for now till all mods are 1.3.1 available. I was considering to try the BuildCraft 3 SMP but since it is not an official release and all works fine, I decided to wait for now. So no Trains Mod just yet, although I sure hope to add that mod in the future.

See ya's in Fun Paradise ;-)