Monday, August 13, 2012

Closing in on 100 followers

    My channel is rapidly growing and I am now closing in on 100 followers. I made a promis though, when I reach 100 followers I will be doing a 100 hr special broadcast. Not sure what I will be doing exactly because I haven't been giving it much thought yet. Most likely I will be doing music requests mixed with a variation of games and Minecraft will of course be one of them, but some really oldschool games as well. I might be doing a give-away as well but that needs presents. I mean, Santa would be meaningless if he didn't wrap up boxes to put under the Xmas tree either. I will think of something, but it will be fun for sure.
    Sure many of you will think 100 hrs is insane and NO, I would certainly not recommend trying to do this. Reason I can do this is because I am sleep deprived and suffer from insomnia anyway, so for me it should be a piece of cake. So please please please, do not attempt to beat me or see this as record breaking or whatever. Such long casts are not meant to be some sort of contest.
    I will try to do all the streaming on my Twitch channel even though not all content might be game related. I just hope Twitch will be leniant on me. I have been moved before because I used to be streaming mixed content on JTV when this used to be my only channel. They made me move to Twitch for the games. So if needed I might switch to JTV at times as well, just to prevent trouble and to give you all a chance to get familiar with my channel there as well.

    Hope you will all join and this celebration will start on a friday after I actually reach the 100 followers. Will keep you all up-to-date and see yas then ;-)

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  1. CAn't wait til you're back up and running..Will be looking for you...muaaah