Sunday, August 5, 2012

Special thanks ...

    Some time ago I came across a channel which got my attention. Someone was playing Minecraft and working hard on setting up some servers with Bukkit. I have always wanted to use Bukkit plugins as well, but got tired of waiting on mods to be ported as I explained in another post. Coding and setting things up like that always gets my attention, since I love doing so myself. This guy has great knowledge on servers, working with Linux and some coding as well. Apart from that, he is also a very nice open-minded person, so I sure felt at home.
    One thing lead to another, watched his channel a lot and was soon made moderator. We share knowledge and help eachother out wherever we can. Always enjoy watching his streams. Now last night he did something special which was kinda to be expected. He decided to install all the mods and join my server. This I didn't expect though from someone who has not been into Minecraft that long yet and mostly playing Vanilla. So he joined and then did something I really owe him for. He started streaming my server on his channel and invited everyone over or to join my server as well as my channel. Some great advertising in my direction to get my server going as well as getting some more viewers. I have never doubted my server to get some players and to gain more viewers on my channel, but after having worked so hard on it and not having anyone to actually play on my server for a long time (apart from Freekativ). It was great to finally have a few people playing in Fun Paradise.

So thnxxx David, really appreciate what you did for me. You deserve a big HUGGG and a MUAHHH.

Check out his channel here: Hephwins on Twitch.

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