Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lot of work done on Pixy_Bot

    I have been working hard lately on my mIRC chat bot for my Twitch and JTV channel. All the work and effort put into it sure paid off though. My Pixy_Bot is getting more advanced every time I add functionality. I would almost like to think my bot can now compete with some existing bots out there like MooBot, Nightbot, SauceBot and prolly a few others.
    As everyone probably knows, I love music and casting music on JTV. I use VLC for that and added some great functionality to my bot. Now my bot can tell the chat what is playing at the moment wether it be a radio station, a song/video on my computer or a YouTube song/video. It can also do requests and add any YouTube link to my playlist automatically. It can show who requested the song/video as well and it even creates a .m3u playlist of all the requested songs. I have been working on the already existing features some more and made the menu easier to handle. All in all I am really happy with what my bot can do now and it will prolly only get better :-)

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