Monday, March 5, 2012

A lot of work done ...

Finally got a lot of work done, mostly on my JTV channel. Lay-out and design pretty much looks the way I like it now. All the hard work has been done and I managed to use some available free space I haven't seen anyone else use. Instead of the main column used for the About section (640px wide), I managed to use an additional 320px column below the Related Videos part as well :-)
I also managed to redirect my forum to my own custom domain. Was hard since I am pretty much new to this and I do not have any DNS support to help me out.
Next I need to work some more on my chat bot and set up a new Minecraft server. After that I can finally work some more on my Xsplit software used for streaming. I need an intro, outro and a lot of other custom scenes to help me out streaming.
Oh and not to forget, I need to be working some more on my YouTube channel and prolly set up a Facebook page, although I haven't decided on FB yet, since I truly dislike it. Too bad it's such a huge community and I am almost forced to use it.

Keep you all up-to-date ...


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