Saturday, March 31, 2012

I fucked up ...

   Damnit, I screwed up. Cities can only have as many wildlands occupied. Even though I was very aware of it and even made a note to remind myself, I still forgot to 'disband' a wildland so I would be sure to occupy the new one.
   Here is the situation: I just leveled up to State Minister so I can finally create two sub cities. Since I am way from my alliance, I decided to move all across the map and join them. Sending troops taking over 4 hrs to reach destination. One legend is on its way to occupy and then fortify after to create this new sub city. Another is on its way after, but taking 3 more hrs. The first legend reaches the flatland and wins the fight, but returns home because max amount of occupied wildlands has been reached. So damn, I forgot to disband a wildland just before it reached destination. This mistake took me over 3 hrs more to occupy without mistakes by the next legend. Used an item to speed it up, but stil 2:50 hrs wasted.
   Here are the screenshots ... dang, I could cry over that mistake, but we will all be able to laugh about it later. How could I forget, why didn't I check my notes, why oh why ... grrrr. Was a long night already, now even longer, but I have set my mind on it and want that spot to join friends/alliance.


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