Monday, March 19, 2012

Minecraft - Modding

Nice to know that in the future adding mods will become a lot easier. Would be about frikkin time. I have been running a server and always wanted to add mods to the content. There is a shitload of available mods out there and they truly add to the game experience. Too bad there are a few problems though.
  • Mods are version specific.
  • Client needs to have the same mods installed.
  • Not all mods are compatible.
   This makes it hard to find mods for your latest version. The game keeps updating all the time, resulting in mods being outdated. When you think you can finally rely on a new stable version of Minecraft and found all the mods you like, soon again you will be in trouble again if you want to keep up with the new development.
   Another problem is that not all 'clients' are smart enough to install the mods needed. Most clients update to the latest version of Minecraft available as well, which means trouble when you haven't updated the server or not yet been able to because the mods haven't updated yet. This results in 'clients' not being able to play on the server anymore unless they revert to the older version.
   Then there is the incompatibility of mods available. It's almost like there is a war going on in 'mod' land. Minecraft Forge tried to develop an API to offer compatibility with several mods. Then there was Bukkit trying to do the same. Then there is Spoutcraft, part of Bukkit, but even they are willing to do things their own way now because of indifferences with Bukkit. Why can't they just all work together ...
   So yeah, Mojang (creators of Minecraft) attracted some top people from Bukkit to now finally try solve this crap and develop yet another new API to make modding easier. Well, I just hope they finally do, but to be honest, I think it will remain pretty much the same. Only way to truly solve it is to put an end to developing the game even further and come with a final release. Then we don't have to update anymore and can make our own choices of what mods use, which is hard enough already considering all the differences and amount of mods offered.

   As for me, I will be running a server again. I already had a server ready to start (Minecraft 1.1) when they decided to come with a new release. I got tired of keeping up with those updates and decided not to put the server online until I can be sure to offer latest release and best experience of the game. So hopefully Minecraft 1.3 will be released soon, so I can do just that and hopefully be able to keep it running for a long time before they yet again spoil it with another new release. Till then ...

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