Thursday, March 22, 2012

War of Legends

Started playing War of Legends about 2 weeks ago. First thing I noticed was lack of music, which is ok though, because I usually have my own music playing anyway. I do like building strategy games and it seems easy to start and get familiar with the game by just following tasks. The first week you get a protected status and building goes faster. Nice to know so you won't get slaughtered straight away. Now I am no longer protected and I kinda chickened out, so I joined an Alliance today. The game seems fun enough, although it does get boring a bit since building to higher levels takes more and more time. Really need something else to do next to it, which is no problem at all since I love to multitask anyway. So yeah, not a great game, but if you love MMO strategy and building then this game might please you. For me it's just killing time and some in-game chat is fun as well (I am usually chatty ... lol).
War of Legends (wikipedia)
War of Legends (site/game)

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