Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend ...

    My weekend was pretty ok. Was supposed to be broadcasting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but Sunday got screwed up by yet another crash caused by XSplit. On Saturday I had been streaming for close to 13 hrs and XSplit crashed as soon as I quit, nice timing!. I could not fix it in time and decided to try get some well needed sleep instead. Some people I know, they know who they are, promised to be there, but they never showed up. Some new people did though and my new server seems to be ok enough to make them want to join. So yeah, I interested some new people :-)
    Today I managed to finally fix XSplit again and decided to see if any of the mods I use for my Minecraft server have been updated. Yep, quite a few have been updated so I tried to install the server and client all over again and import the existing world. Took me 4 hours to fix everything and make it work. Updated the forum post with the quick installation guide as well. Woot woot ... success! I think I will stream some more in a bit, because it is hard to attract new players on Justin TV, because most gamers are on Twitch TV. See you there ... ;-)

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