Saturday, August 31, 2013

No sleep and more headaches

Still hardly got any sleep. In and out of bed to catch as much as possible, but feeling too restless somehow. I probably caught as much as two hours in total the last few days. Still getting massive headaches as well, they are starting to drive me crazy. I seem to get them several times a day now without any real warning. Tried to sleep them off at first, but they often drive me so nuts, I don't even want to sleep and instead just walk around impatiently. Not even sure they are related to the many hours I usually spend behind the computer, but I am trying to stay away from the screens more often now. Fun thing is the pain is always on the right side, where my normal headaches are centered. I can deal with a normal headache, but this pain is insane. I usually get teary eyes before a headache comes up and even a running nose sometimes (usually on the right side again?). I sure hope it will go away again, the same way they all of a sudden started coming up. I might see my doctor about this after I tried a few things I feel to be related to this. So I won't be on the computer as much, take more breaks and even changed lighting where my computer is at. I read that lighting up the background might help and since I hardly have any lights on usually, I am hoping this will work. Also try to remember to turn off my extra monitors more often if I can and changed the brightness somewhat. Maybe I should buy myself some new monitors with a higher refresh rate. Too bad I can't really afford it, but if it will keep me from getting these massive headaches, I don't really care. Anyways, here I am at 9:15am in the morning, having my usual brekkie (coffee without a fag) thinking of what to do today. Really bored once again, knowing that I should not be doing too much work on the computer ... sigh. Just been watching some PAX 2013 on Twitch earlier and noticed I am not even allowed to watch high quality or source without subscribing to the channel for $10 even. What the fuck is wrong with you guys at Twitch!!! Is this going to be the new standard on Twitch for partnered channels? Only allowed to watch good quality if you pay up for it? DAMN, get real!!! Oh well, I am kind of done with Twitch and sure hope there will be an alternative soon with a similarly great community, because the community is great (for the most part), it's just the people running the site that suck! So what to do today? I can name many things that truly need to be done, but totally don't feel like it. I know it would make me feel a lot better though. I just wish to sleep and dream of a HAPPY ME instead of having to deal with every day real life. You know what, I might actually just give it another try, sleep that is! See you all later ... muahhh!

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  1. Great, just after I wrote this, I started to sweat like crazy and then threw up all of my 6am dinner. Sweat is still running off my face and now my stomach hurts. Just after I took my homies (hormones) as well. Should prolly get a new dose since I am sure they came out as well and didn't get a chance to do anything. Off to try get some sleep for sure now and call my doctor after. What the fuck is going on with me ... (crying)