Friday, August 30, 2013

No sleep till ...

Been up ever since my last stream. Can't sleep although I sure tried several times. Got a massive headache, did not stream last night and bored as heck. Twitch been a pain anyway, not even sure if I want to continue streaming. Maybe I should just take a break and stream whenever I feel like instead of trying to follow a schedule and feel guilty whenever I have not been on. The Minecraft server seems to never get ready either and all it needs is some frikkin Bukkit setup and coding LUA for spawn to get it launched. Not sure if I should give up on it coz I sure don't feel like anything lately. Had dinner at 4:30am, fried chicken breasts, potatoes and some green beans the special Daimy way. I am trying to really push myself into doing anything useful but feel numb at the same time. SO coffee it is while watching some Minecraft streams on Twitch to feed my headache and Twitch Frustration. Right now at 8am I could prolly say my weekend started already since it's officially Friday now. Sure looking forward to a drink or two to celebrate this awful mood I am in right now! Happy weekend everyone ;-)

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