Thursday, August 22, 2013


First of all, sorry for not streaming on last night. I will be Live again in a bit though!

    Been having these terrible headaches the last few months and they seem to be related to the amount of time I spend behind the computer (and maybe I worry too much about my private life and the new server coming up). Never used to have any problems spending my time behind my monitors, even for days. Not sure what to do about this, apart from taking more time off and not spend it watching streams or do whatever else on the computer. I do not believe in those gunnars that are supposed to help out. Oh well ... I just hope it will go away again since I have so much to do.

    Last night I decided not to stream, because I want the Minecraft server up and running as soon as possible. If I keep doing builds just to have streaming material, other things wont get done. So I decided to do some coding instead to get the Info monitor at spawn ready. Coding is something I like to stream and even though it might be interesting only for a few, I can truly enjoy it. With some nice music and viewers that are interested in all kinds of coding I can explain or help out. Some kind of tutorial/helpdesk kind of stream. Main reason I did not stream coding last night was the fact it needed my full attention and did not want to get distracted all the time. I would prolly have streamed it anyway if it wasn't for the headache though ... sigh. So sorry about that, I really try to keep a schedule and not let my viewers down too often.

    Still have all the Bukkit permissions to do, protection and regions to set and a few more minor things when it comes to configs. Hopefully the Minecraft server can be officially opened this weekend, although I am starting to doubt I will make it in time. Help is limited and I have to do all this mostly by myself. It's been a while since I worked with Bukkit. I will manage though, no doubt about that, but please be patient. The new Minecraft server will be awesome and with Bukkit plugins set up properly, it will allow us for even better functionality. All I can say is ... "SOON"

    Today I do feel a lot better and I sure hope not to get another headache. Not a clue yet what I will stream tonight, but I do have plenty options. We are working on several games already and I have a few more ideas as well. One of the ideas I have is a Maze map that will make many rage quit and never even finish it. Another idea is an Adventure map with a story and some good puzzles (think of Myst). These are just some planned ideas though and for now I will most likely focus on the games we already started developing. Might even do some coding, since I didn't get to finish the Info panel at spawn yet ... DANG HEADACHES!

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