Thursday, September 5, 2013


     Been chilling the last few days and feeling somewhat better now. Still have those headaches, but not as often anymore, woot! Been doing some well needed laundry and made a start on cleaning up the kitchen. Just a start though, should have done more, oh well. Cleaned up my computer a bit and moved some stuff to another drive, because my main drive was almost full. I really have to re-install everything completely, but that will take me a few days. Checked some of the games that were gifted to me as well as some of the games I bought myself. I got quite a lot of games in a short time and really want to start on several of them. First I need to shop for groceries though, I have nothing left to eat and even my cat is out of food. Looking at the time, this means I have to hurry now and go get myself a shower.
    I feel like streaming again :) However, I do not feel like Minecraft at all. I am thinking of making it a long weekend with lots of coffee and maybe even a drink or two (been so sick I never got to get a drink last weekend). A new game I got myself will be enough game-time to fill up the full weekend as well I think. So yeah, 'Underhell' it is ... Not even sure how I found this game - must have been Kotaku. I am not really a big fan of First Person Shooters, but I do love a good story and am a big fan of horror. I have a few other games that would fit though and I might decide to play and stream different games than Minecraft more often. I just hope my computer will be able to cope with all those fancy graphics. Will see how it goes, hope to see you all later tonight on Twitch ... off to the shower now ;-)
For those interested:
To play, requirements and installation instructions are mentioned on the download page.

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