Saturday, July 6, 2013

New server on its way

    I am really happy to announce that the new server is on its way as we speak. Made a good deal with Rockstar Hosting and discussed things with Mr Adder again. The new server will be 4GB dedicated with burst capacity up to 16GB. It will be MCPC which means we are able to add several Bukkit plugins like World Guard and World Edit. We will also be having our own TeamSpeak so I can finally set up some public rooms as well without any limits.
    As soon as this deal is final, I will start to move over the modpack and make a few more changes. HardcoreEnderdragon and ExtraTrees will be added and possibly a few other mods. Then the config files need to be looked at closely and plugins for Bukkit need to be added and configured with permissions. We will then do some final testing and start building the World Spawn and other things in creative to make it all ready for a public launch.
    Costs for the new server will be $4/month and $10/3 months which seems more than reasonable for what we have to offer. All donations will be put towards the stream and server.

I am excited and can't wait to start ;-)

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