Friday, July 26, 2013

Fed up with Twitch!

    Twitch has been messing up for well over a year now, although there have been some reasonably 'ok' times. Chat has never been truly fixed since they decided to code the Twitch IRC from scratch over a year ago. Since the move to the new layout, streams have been very laggy at times and making it hard to watch even with a beast of a computer. What the heck is going on and when will they finally start fixing their shyte?

    Sadly enough there is no true alternative and the community is great. I am not going to fully discuss all the problems we have had in the past and my discontent about several other 'features' and ways Twitch does things, but here are some of the 'new' issues. I need my Pixybot to function well. I need moderator icons to show, because now moderators don't come across the way they should. Moderators should not have to go through a hard time having to type the commands in chat either. Moderators can't even be sure they actually have the powers to do anything till they try a command. Loading times on chat and video are also terrible and often causes video to become unresponsive, needing another refresh. At times not even being able to connect at all. Refreshing causes a 'negative cascading effect' though, but what do you expect from the regular viewer? Chat often doesn't load at all and 'hangs' and being able to just reload the video by pausing/unpausing has been disabled! These are just a few examples and I have not even mentioned the terrible stream quality Twitch seems to force upon us. Their streaming servers can't cope and are routed terribly. Please please please Twitch, invest in quality and fixing bugs that have been around for ages instead of pretending to be all that great with the new stuff forced upon us. With all the new deals made (sponsorship) and having to refresh all the time to hopefully finally get connected well without any issues (ad revenue), there is plenty of money available to finally start fixing things. The community deserves way better!!!

    I am making a statement for now and won't be streaming till things are fixed! I know I won't make much of a difference, but I am truly fed up with this crap and I hope others will stand up and do the same. Hope to be back soon though, coz I do miss you all <3

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