Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New server is up!

    The new server is up and running right now. It is however running the latest modpack as shown on the forum and has not yet been updated. The modpack still needs to be updated and some mods will have to be added. For now I have added two plugins, WorldGuard and WorldEdit. More plugins will be added and they all have to be configured.
    We have a fresh new world and for now I want to see how it runs. Only those who are white-listed will be able to join. Just get in touch and ask me for the IP to fool around on this world and see how you like it. Please report any bugs or performance issues.
    The new TeamSpeak is up as well and will be open to the public once I have redirected the IP to a domain name. For those who were already on the old TeamSpeak, get in touch with me there and ask for the new IP.

A lot of work to be done the coming time, so my streaming schedule might get messed up a bit. Once all the setting up has been done, we can all have some fun again ...

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