Friday, May 23, 2014

Planning to stream again this weekend

    The modpack for Fun Paradise IV is great fun to play. I am really enjoying it and it turned out better than I might have expected. It's pretty hard to survive when starting out, but not annoyingly hard where you continuously die or have to eat like every few minutes. If you start out prepared and be smart about how you deal with the level of mobs and lack of food at start, you will do just fine. After that its hard but not too grindy to start on tech and progress. Still have not really touched some of the other mods so I hope those do not turn out to be too OP or not fit the pack after all. Some mods do seem to have caused some issues, but they seem solved for now. This is just a test pack as well to prepare for 1.7.2, although it starts to turn out more serious than I might have wanted. Making a modpack and running a server properly is quite some work. Fixing problems, keeping up-to-date and getting configs just right is not just it. Staying in touch with the players and keeping them posted as well as keeping track on the forum/website takes quite some work too. Then of course the hole 'permission to distribute the modpack' thing ... Well, ... only one mod left to get permission from, Railcraft. I asked him on #railcraft IRC and am waiting on a reply.
    Hopefully I feel ok enough to stream again this weekend. I always post to Twitter and Facebook, so keep an eye out. I really want to continue building on the Space Station and go to the Moon for some needed resources to progress in Galacticraft. Yoomanyoo and I tech-ed really fast, but we rely on lava to keep our machines running. Biggest problem is the lack of Ender Pearls to keep chunks loaded and transport our lava with carts from the Nether to our base. Maybe another visit to the End? Not sure, we kept dying and were lucky to even get some resources from there. A jetpack was needed to prevent dying to the Ender Dragon and fly off to a 'safe' place for some mining. We are also short on Iridium, so a Mass Fab is prolly best choice to spend the few iridium we have on. More power is needed though and we don't feel like expanding our 'Earth' base for maybe some Nuclear Power. We want to set base in Space and moving everything becomes harder the more we build on Earth. I am excited though and hope to be able to play with Yoo this weekend. He has been pretty busy with 'real life' during weekdays. I purposely waited on doing certain things, to not let him miss out.

Pix' in Space ... Come check me out when I go LIVE again ...

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