Thursday, January 16, 2014

Finally done!

    Yay, finally done clicking and copy/paste-ing an announcement to all my followers on Twitch(420). Now I can completely focus on Hitbox. I will try to stream to both channels for a while if all works well on Twitch's end. Lately I couldn't stream for the life of me on Twitch. Looking forward to streaming on Hitbox though and can't wait to move over completely.

    As for the Stream Team, I can still use some suggestions for a Team name on Hitbox. So please let me know any good suggestion you can come up with!

The list of suggestions collected so far:

  • Jobless Delinquents
  • RPG-Real People Gaming
  • The Lukewarm Gamers
  • The Hit casters
  • Squid McSquiddingtons (or one of the other 15 squid or derpy names)
  • The Visual Orgasm
  • Horatio Hornblowers
  • Hansom Harassers
  • One of the 50 squid names
  • Twitch Refugees(or some variant)
  • OLS-Old Legendary Soldiers
  • XStream
  • The Sandbox
  • The Box Office
  • Bare with Us
  • RatedR
  • The Twerks
  • Team Myth
  • Dream Team
  • Mythical Cast
  • Fairy Universe
  • The Old Foogies

  •     I will be streaming some more L.A. Noire tomorrow. Hope to see you all on Twitch (if it works) and Hitbox (works so far)

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