Monday, November 4, 2013

Castle Wars

    Lately I have been taking a break from streaming partly to be able to work on the game mechanics for one of our games on Fun Paradise III. It took me quite some time to get it all to work and mostly to code the computers that control everything. Had many a brain ache to solve unsuspected issues and find ways around those. However, Castle Wars is now reaching completion and we will soon be able to play for real!
    Castle Wars, is a game Yoomanyoo and I have been developing. It's a game where 2 teams build their fortress with traps and then fight each other in three rounds. Players get to choose their building/fighting skills. This has been built on my modded server Fun Paradise III and therefor allows for some neat features and compact game mechanics.

Castle Wars (team game for max 10 players)
The main lobby to sign up for the game
Choose your team
The Blue team to select building/fighting skill
The Green team to select building/fighting skill
The playfield (not cleared)
The brain of the game
Some of the wires needed to connect things to the computers
More wires
The two teams shown from below

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