Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another new stupid Twitch feature

    Recently discovered another new feature on Twitch TV chat. Seems like any viewer is now able to show deleted messages in the channel chat. All you have to do is click the <deleted message> to show what was actually said. Why oh why??? Those messages get deleted for a reason! Why on earth would Twitch decide to make them show? Yet another stupid feature implemented, totally useless and risky. What if there was a link showing that leads to a porn site or download for some virus? Now viewers might get tempted after all. What if there was some really abusive chat? Viewers can now see it anyway...
    I run a chat bot to purge those links being sent to my channel to prevent anyone from getting into trouble or being re-directed to some sick or inappropriate site. Repetitive characters, emotes, or stupid chat interrupting ascii art also gets purged by my bot for a reason. So now another viewer can just click the <deleted message> and copy some nice artwork with characters that spreads across 15 lines to use for another channel? Abusive chat or anything being said that doesn't fit my rules gets deleted by my moderators or me as the channel owner myself. I decided I did NOT want to show any links posted without permission. I want my chat to be clean and respectful. Now Twitch is making decisions for me instead and tempting viewers to see whatever was there anyway. What the fuck is wrong with you guys at Twitch? I never asked for this and it will make my bot pretty much useless since curiosity is human nature!
    Now if this would just work for moderators and channel owners, I might perhaps understand. Just to check if the timeout was actually reasonable or maybe to report after the message having been purged. However you don't even have to be logged in, anyone can make it show. Not happy, once again.

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  1. Maybe i should just invite my viewers over to my public TeamSpeak and have my bot time-out everyone who tries to chat in my channel?