Thursday, January 10, 2013

Not been feeling too well

    I feel so frikkin tired last few days and can't seem to get much rest or a good night's sleep. Feels like I got a cold coming up as well. I am prolly just way too busy with setting up my Minecraft server and making sure all goes well. Too much going on in my head, just won't shut up in there ... nothing new though, sigh.
    Another thing that is bugging me is me delaying to make some very important phone calls for new appointments to get treatment going again. Once I got my hair removal treatment done for certain area 'down under', I should soon be able to get my sexual re-assignment surgery. Not sure what is holding me back to just pick up the phone and get things going again. Just too depressed ... still. Also need my Adams apple shaved and have facial hair removal, but that is of later concern although the latter I can most likely start already.
    Just feel so lost and can't really find any energy. Trying hard to kick my own butt to get going again. Makes me cry to see days fly by without having done shyte. I feel like a mess ...

Not been been streaming on Twitch yesterday and won't be today, but back tomorrow again.

Weekend, yay!!!

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