Saturday, June 4, 2016

A peek in my Rabbit Hole ...

From seemingly silly garden ornaments to downtown City Hall

Flamingo = Ra, the Sun god, who ruled the sky, earth and underworld and could fly like a falcon/hawk. He had two kids, Wind and Rain. He worked his ass off (blood), sweat and tears, only to find out that simple humans turned against him. So he decided to poke his eye out (ring), put it on the BBQ and send this flaming hot help in the form of a goddess called Sekhmet to punish the simpletons (no, this is not a Dark Souls reference).

Ra, or should I say Horus had something going with Isis or was it Hathor, or Isis-Hathor? Things get confusing here with awkward relationships as she was his mother AND wife. Hubby/kiddo Horus, as the story goes, 'hatched' from a beautiful 'blue' lotus, like a lily opening at sunrise, showing its full morning glory. It somehow does sound erotic and certainly explains the Fertility trait or maybe not as I will get into later ... We prolly have words for such relationships nowadays, to each their own I guess.

I will skip Ra's dark side and his Atum role-play as serpent, mongoose and other 'brute' forms while hanging out with Osiris during the late hours. Some members of this divine crew are better skipped to keep things mature. Lets move on to Isis with her Tyet, Ankh and passion for 'her' flower. She was totally into Eternal Life as well as Resurrection from what I read. She wore horns with some sort of disk as a crown, which some said looked like a Sun. She as a mom and wife, was of course totally into flying. She must have passed her vulture and kite like genes on to Ra. Quite a wicked 'happy' family, sharing wonderful traits, some more than others ...

Anyways, I was trying to explain garden futilities which is plural! I have to try harder not to dwell on things and get on with the Gnome. Nooo, not Big Foot, those freaky lil' dwarves! Gods and humans seem to trust their gardens to them since ancient times. According to some studies by well educated people from London, they had all to do with Fertility! It's about gardens after all, we want to reap what we sow, right?

Some simple guy who used to live in the countryside thought so too and at some point in history became quite popular as well. He got so popular that his name gave 'rise' to a now very well known radio station, FlyLo FM. Sorry Lotus, had to throw that one in there ;-) Of course we will also recognize is name Priapus as a medical term, which somewhat reminds me of a brand I keep seeing in-game, albeit different! His family was similarly confusing as that of Isis. Once again, a lot of stars amongst his ancestry and all just as godly. We got the whole gang with Aphrodite, Dionysus, Chione, Hermes, Zeus and plenty more. If I don't cut it short, I am going to re-write history all over again.

Oh my, this guy, turned truly popular and most likely 'grew' an army with quite a dress code back in those days. If Trevor could understand the following verse, he would have right away joined the cult and turn prosaist, I am sure.

Percidere, puer, moneo; futuere, puella;
barbatum furem tertia poena manet.
Femina si furtum faciet mihi virve puerve,
haec cunnum, caput hic praebeat, ille nates.
Per medios ibit pueros mediasque puellas
mentula, barbatis non nisi summa petet.

My bad kids, I may hope not! Getting side-tracked again and I need to 'stick' to the story. Let me jump right into Isis' wonderful flower again and talk about the nymph Lotis. According to the wiki she had two fathers, or history has us confused again and her father just went by different names. What is up with that anyway, Neptune or Nereus, which is it? Oh well, prolly fled for crime and needed to go undercover or something. These gods back then were just like Santa.

So anywho, Lotis went to some sort of 'daddy' festival and her beauty did not go unnoticed by Priapus. Exhausted after partying all day she found a nice somewhat excluded place to rest. Priapus had followed her and observed her as she fell asleep. He was hungry and longed for fruit, he was about to eat as 'Jenny', out of nowhere, ruined his meal. Sounds PG to me ;-) Lotis snapped out of her nightmare and ran ... oh wait ... turned into a lotus tree! Excusez moi, almost forgot about Homer's Odyssey. Got to stick to the 'fruit' plan, coz Ziziphus has such a nice 'ring' to it and Odysseus loved a piece of the symbolic pie. She had some help from daddy Neptune of course, it's a kind magic, magic. With Lotis now being a tree, at least one single source claims the fruit from this tree turns people into black poplars, or so one of the stories is 'told'.

Another quite similar story tells us that Priapus, at the moment he got thwarted by that ass, lost his strong appetite. Quite a sad story for a man known for spirit of fertility and growth. He was quite frustrated about the whole 'mishap' and never got over it. The names had been changed to protect the innocent Hestia though. Still 'comes down' to the same, he was left with an ever lasting hatred of asses and forever stuck with an incapable hard-on. I'd say 'Impotent Rage'.

Yet another story says Hera cursed him with impotence, ugliness and foul-mindedness even before being born. These gods seemed frustrated at times. I agree though, how dare you call the goddess of love and beauty more beautiful than her, wife AND sister of Zeus. Those good ol' deity days. I am truly amazed how it is even possible for things to get out of hand.

With having told this bit of history, I can hear you think. How the hell are we going to get to City Hall? Well, these last few steps are actually quite easy. I honestly have to partly thank the wonderful hunter community I have mostly been lurking amongst. They have been my trees, figuratively 'barking up my tree' and they still talk about these good 'ol 2013 mysteries. Zome more colorful in these woodZ of Truth than others y algunos más prudente than most. Lets groove along ... and wrap this up ;-)

From Donkey to Dino to Thirsty Bird, Jack Pump, Rock*ing Horse and the whole shebang. Thanks for whispering, it is often deafening loud for most out there. The drill struck black gold down that beastly metaphorical rabbit hole. Like Priapus, this sucker rod has two ball check valves, you gotta be effing kiddin' me ;-P Balls incoming, eh? I bet many have messed with that over-sized orange, which certainly still seems to have potential. Seen plenty of trial and error and I applaud those who do follow its kinetic trails. The Myth of Sisyphus (wasn't it spelled with a Z?), the theater in Vinewood Hills with its circular green logo, where has that ball not been I wonder. Well, that 'big' ass blown up ball might as well strike gold some day, who is to tell?

No longer our Standard Oil (CA), but possibly your lube to keep those gears in that mechanical Friedlander brain going. We have alternative power as well, like a fork in a road with purpose to mislead as well as point us in a direction. Carefully trying to avoid a leak and go explosive or thermal on that 'egg'-head of ours, while at the same time possibly required. I bet many have often been close to going nuclear so to say, but I am still standing strong on my happy feet. I enjoy this path, a wonderful ride, wherever it leads me, or not, but never a dead end on the road of knowledge. Like riding a wave (golf in Dutch), knowing another wave will come when I hit the coast. Speaking of brain and coast, remind me to pay a visit to The Mighty Bush again and show Isiah some proper counceling, next time I go boarding for another 100%.

I got diverted again, didn't I? I don't mind, hope you don't either. I call it 'train of thought', no ticket required. There is no end-of-the-line if you don't have a true destination in the world of video games. Goals sure, just no need to score ;-) This line stops in Alta, time to hop off and get lost downtown Los Santos! Could do with a big fat smok-in' dʘʘb, maybe I C some new things, so I can write some more. From A-Z, from roots to death, we continuously got things backwards or not, potentia-chromo-kinetically ..y ...Y  both, omni potens ...

PS: Do take my write up with a grain of truth. Merely a figment of my imagination  to show the path I often go down and perhaps inspire others in whatever way.

I hope it was as good a read for you as it was a write up for me. Happy Hunting!

No 'rush' ...

Shell we ...

We got mountains of ...
... time


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