Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Just some random bla bla ...

You know that feeling, when you have a diary and pick it up again? That is what I usually feel when I get on my website. Reality kicking in again, thinking about things I have done (or not), things I wish to do and whatever else I got on my mind. Well, ... this is one of those moments, so let me share some things.

I had big plans until not even all that long ago. Was working on and preparing my new website. Learned about HTML5, WebGL, various Javascript frameworks, security implementation and whatever else involved. Fooled around with Blender to design a 3D world and parts of the world that I had planned. I wanted my website to be visualized as a 3D interactive world. I was honestly looking forward to actually getting things done server side instead of coding client side with lots of testing. Well, I had to put all those plans on hold when I lost my webserver because the host quit for understandable reasons. Now several months later I also lost the Minecraft server as well as Teamspeak. Not all that big a deal since I haven't actively been playing Minecraft at all for quite some time now, just sad to have lost the option though. I do miss my Teamspeak, which has always been a nice public meeting place for most my friends, even though there are plenty other ways to communicate or voice. It has been a while now, but I have to look forward again and see if I can find solutions. Just not sure if I can afford or find a proper place where I can take my time to realize some of these things I would love to do. I probably have too many hobbies to make it worth it in the first place. Maybe I am thinking too big as well, but one can dream though ...

So what else is new, or not old enough to have mentioned it here? It sure has been a while ... lol.

I have been really active with a game called Savage Lands since beginning of April. It got my interest when I first heard about it and signed up to get a chance for a free key. When I received an email to test the game I was really excited. Started playing the hell out of it just to find out a few days later for it to be released on Steam Early Access. I will not go into details about the game itself other than tell you it is a survival open world game with a fantasy theme. Go check it out here if you wish. Ever since I started playing, I have been really active on the Steam forums as well. This eventually lead to being asked to help out on the community side of things by Signal Studios, on my birthday even (May 1st). Signal Studios is one of the two studios/teams developing the game together with DigitalDNA. After some consideration I decided to accept and have since been moderating for the game on the Steam Forums, on their Twitch channel (weekly live stream) and their own forums. Next to that, I am one of the main editors on the Wiki (Gamepedia) and helping on the Trello board and possibly a few other things I might have forgotten to mention. I really enjoy doing this and actually didn't quite expect it to be this much fun. The team and the community for the game is just wonderful, so I really don't mind spending a whole lot of time on it.

Reminds me of another forum I have been really busy on where I had a similar task, which was Cauldron, a Minecraft Forge/Spigot combination. This was a plugin platform for Minecraft based on Bukkit. Those who know what I am talking about, most likely also know not much is left of it. I did check back not too long ago, but with DMCA stuff going on, this basically just died around December last year. Some of them I am sure moved on with the Sponge project and it looks like it is going pretty well. I did like their forum (XenForo software) a whole lot better though, Steam forums just suck for that matter with their terribly limited options and capabilities. I should get in touch with Cauldron I guess to properly call it a day there. even though it's pretty much dead and nobody really being on there anymore, I do occasionally still see someone posting. It should be properly locked down with an announcement to go with it.

With me being so busy with Savage Lands and things involved, I have not been feeling like streaming all that much. I should most likely get back into it again, although still prefer to do so whenever I like. It has been a while, I fully agree, but I can assure everyone I am not giving up on it. Most likely with dedicated servers coming for Savage Lands, I will be going live more often again. I am pretty sure to set up a server myself and put my laptop to work. Just enjoy doing other things and not feel pressured to go live. Got side-tracked as well to be honest, by another game I got from a wonderful friend of mine, GTA V. Love ya Carlos <3

Quite a bit to tell about GTA V and what it does to me. Such a great game, stuffed with reality references, it's insane. This is exactly what keeps me so busy and why I get so side-tracked. It is all the symbolism, mashed up reality related stuff as well as mysteries to solve, not just in game, but outside of it mostly. I just end up watching more movies and videos, reading articles and even books (yes really!) and searching the internet than actually playing the game. Just too much to learn or find out about. I 'might' write a separate post about all this, because it just involves too much to even quickly explain.

I picked up on another hobby of mine again. MUSIC! Always loved making music and have been doing so a whole lot in the past. Not always great results and certainly not much available of my work out here on the interwebs considering I never stored much or stored in ways I can hardly properly convert to new media. I did however make a track recently, using FL Studio 11 and feel like making more. Even updated a day ago to FL Studio 12 to get a few of the plugins working properly. Really getting familiar with all the options and tools available. Brings back good memories and truly enjoy messing with it, even if it turns out crap :-P

Got a lot more on my mind to be honest, but going to end this post here. All in all I am doing really well and glad to enjoy quite a few things and feel happy considering. Frustrated about other things, but trying hard not to be bothered too much and succeed quite well ... Not being arsed too much at times eases the mind, even a troubled one!

Take care everyone ...

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