Monday, June 3, 2013

Re-roll, forget about that update!

The latest FTB Mindcrack update creates more problems than it actually solves or adds to the game. I had to re-roll to the version we were using (v8.2).
- BiblioCraft is only partly working, some items are broken.
- The updated GregTech is partly broken (Plate Bending machine stops functioning when adding upgrades)
- Some routers stopped functioning, although they will resume once source to insert to or extract from is changed.
- The overworld is not showing level tick in server console anymore.
- Lag is even worse on all fronts. Apart from block lag there is also dropped item lag (lying on the floor for a few seconds before going into inventory).
- Twilight Forest dimension does not unload anymore even though there are no chunkloaders or any players there.
- Something I just find weird: Forestry creates a player called '[forestry]' and even ops this player, which you can see in console and shows up in your ops.txt file (Operators list on server). Why???
- Traincraft Zeppelin becomes uncontrollable.
... Shall I continue, because the list goes on ...

Anyways, I had no other option than to revert to the previous version we were using. 3 days of work down the drain, I was on a rant and in a terrible mood. Decided to do part of the work that I had already done in the last few days in 'creative' mode. Oh well, this means this version might be the final and last version we will be using before moving over to the new server. This is prolly the only good thing about this. No more change for a while !!!

For those who already updated their client, I am sorry and I hope you can downgrade your client to v8.2 without too much of a problem. Sorry for those who have been building the last three days. Get in touch with me if you need any help downgrading again and let me know if you lost any builds and or items due to this re-roll.

More detailed information about downgrading/installing v8.2 again will be on the forum.

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