Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Minecraft server coming !!!

    Since my server which I run on my laptop with 6GB can't prevent us from lag with the amount of mods being used, I am forced to change things. This means I have basically two options: 1) Continue on the laptop with a very small group of players, or 2) Start renting a dedicated server to be able to continue with about 25 players white-listed. Whichever choice I make, it will be a fresh new world to get rid of bugs and other redundant data that sneaked into the existing world due to many updates and changes in ways things were coded.
    The first option as mentioned above will be my only choice if I can't find enough players willing to pay their fair share. We will then start a fresh world and about 5 players can join to create a new world together. Main focus will then be building together on an epic world and offer world download to the public.
    Second option will only be possible if I can get enough paying players to join my server. I have been looking into it and this will mean a monthly fee of $5 and some reduction when paying 3 months in advance. Main focus will still be building an epic world together, but considering the amount of players, it will be hard to work as one group together. I am however planning to do more 'group builds' again since it used to be a lot of fun.
    For now we will continue to build on the server as is. Once all the mods have updated and we have decided on what mods or mod pack to use, I will see if enough players are willing to pay to join the new server. This will take some time and I am not sure when updates and mods catching up has somewhat stabilized. For this matter I kind of consider the world we are working on now as a test world. We have been introduced to a lot of new mods and Minecraft has changed considerably as well. Hopefully somewhere in the near future we can start a new world that will last a long time again, like the first Fun Paradise world did in 1.2.5.
    So yeahhh, we will see what the future brings. Of course I am sort of hoping to be able to get us a dedicated server (option 2) even though I strongly dislike having players on my server pay for it. It will just give us a way better playing experience and more options. I will make new forum topics for discussion and suggestions soon as well as applications.

Will keep you all up to date ...

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