Thursday, August 10, 2017

Waking Titan/No Man's Sky - Random Creative Stuff

Just some random creative things I created during the Waking Titan ARG, leading up to the No Man's Sky update 1.3. In no particular order:

Waking Titan

Sigil & Glyph solutions Phase #1

Shaking Titan (Ms Noodles Edit)

GTA V - Random Creative Stuff

Just a list of creative works I created for GTA V. In no particular order:

6th Star

Another day at the office

Grand Theft Apple


Saturday, June 4, 2016

A peek in my Rabbit Hole ...

From seemingly silly garden ornaments to downtown City Hall

Flamingo = Ra, the Sun god, who ruled the sky, earth and underworld and could fly like a falcon/hawk. He had two kids, Wind and Rain. He worked his ass off (blood), sweat and tears, only to find out that simple humans turned against him. So he decided to poke his eye out (ring), put it on the BBQ and send this flaming hot help in the form of a goddess called Sekhmet to punish the simpletons (no, this is not a Dark Souls reference).

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Savage Lands - ParKur (Beta

Interactive map for Savage Lands

Working on a little project for an interactive map for Savage Lands. I am preparing this map for the official Savage Lands Wiki. The new Unity 5 builds, which are currently in beta (opt-in) will contain 3 islands instead of just the one Sundered Isle in the previous Unity 4 builds, currently still available in the public branch. Each island in Tarvhas which are 'Snowmere' (starter island), 'Freydalyn' (main island) and a third island which has not been named yet, will get there own page on the wiki with an interactive map.

These maps will be made with SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) and some needed JavaScript (jQuery) and custom CSS. They will have some pretty cool features:

  • Auto-resize depending on monitor resolution and window size to prevent scroll bars on the page.
  • Zoom and Pan capability with mouse scroll wheel and click drag as well as buttons to accomplish the same.
  • Custom toggle buttons for several settings.
  • Settings are saved through Local Storage to keep last known state.
  • The settings allow showing a variety of things on the map.
  • Some settings may only show depending on Steam API or possibly wiki achievements to prevent spoilers for newer players. They will have to be unlocked first.
  • Things shown on the map will be clickable to link to appropriate pages elsewhere on the wiki.
Here are some screenshots:

Will give it some time for all three of the islands to finalize and may make some additional changes before implementing them on the wiki. The main features are all in place now, so I am all prepared. Keep an eye out, they'll be up hopefully some time soon™.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Just some random bla bla ...

You know that feeling, when you have a diary and pick it up again? That is what I usually feel when I get on my website. Reality kicking in again, thinking about things I have done (or not), things I wish to do and whatever else I got on my mind. Well, ... this is one of those moments, so let me share some things.

I had big plans until not even all that long ago. Was working on and preparing my new website. Learned about HTML5, WebGL, various Javascript frameworks, security implementation and whatever else involved. Fooled around with Blender to design a 3D world and parts of the world that I had planned. I wanted my website to be visualized as a 3D interactive world. I was honestly looking forward to actually getting things done server side instead of coding client side with lots of testing. Well, I had to put all those plans on hold when I lost my webserver because the host quit for understandable reasons. Now several months later I also lost the Minecraft server as well as Teamspeak. Not all that big a deal since I haven't actively been playing Minecraft at all for quite some time now, just sad to have lost the option though. I do miss my Teamspeak, which has always been a nice public meeting place for most my friends, even though there are plenty other ways to communicate or voice. It has been a while now, but I have to look forward again and see if I can find solutions. Just not sure if I can afford or find a proper place where I can take my time to realize some of these things I would love to do. I probably have too many hobbies to make it worth it in the first place. Maybe I am thinking too big as well, but one can dream though ...